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This isn't the gateway into the Mushroom Kingdom, but it's just about the next best thing. Enter a world where you can discuss all things Mario and never feel out of place for wearing red overalls.


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  • This trailer looks cool but if you have the game, you have probably noticed the places in these games are very different than the ones in the game. Would anyone know why?

  • The places in these games are very different than the ones in the game... That makes no sense. What is the question again?

    If you bred HK-47, Shale, Chai Ka and Wrex, the gaming world would explode from sheer badassery.

  • That's because before a game comes out often the production team comes out with many different ideas for levels and have many betas. These are often what's shown in early trailers and E3 events. As deadlines crunch and production comes to a close often things are added in, changed or taken out in the final product because the original ideas are often overdressed, underdressed, have too many  unnecessary elements or they just don't have the room in the budget to make things as beautifully crafted as they wanted.. You can see the same thing with early trailers for Twilight Princess. It's quite normal.

  • Yeah pretty much any game will have differences, both significant and insignificant, from the original trailer.

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