in 2015 the nintiendo will hopefully  be releasing a new game. mario world war koopa is supposedly the title of the new mario game but there is somthing unusual about this game it is rated teen. Whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt? thats right this game will be teen beacause of mild violence. what is this new turn and story line about? well it takes place a few short years into the future our favorite hero is back and trading in his old cap for an army hat. in the begining of the game mario finds himself awoken in a wartorn castle he is startled by a falling scafold suddenly he sees a whole group koopas , but there is somthing different about these koopas they are on their knees apearing to be begging. he turns the corner  and sees a koopa lieing on the ground dead. suddenly he is picked up and thrown across  to the dead koopa who isnt so dead anymore he has lost his fleesh and is now a dry bone. this is all i could dig up from my cousin at nintendo

love to hear your thoughts on this