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WoW has dominated the MMO scene - and the PC world - for a reason: it's the best game in the genre. At least, that's how you see it. After traveling from Silithus to Northrend, you've got a lot of experiences you'd like to share with those just starting ou

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  • Forum Post: WoW PVPing

    Do you PVP in wow or want to learn how to play well? Post your questions, pics, videos, etc here! I'm only lvl75 but I've been doing very well PVP-wise, here are a few pics of the final score of a few games as prot pally: Alterac Valley Eye of the Storm Arathi Basin Warsong Gulch Heck I've...
  • Forum Post: something I want answered before cataclysm.

    Okay Blizz, its been a year now, and I'm all for race changes, new lfg, cool, sweet, but um, you promised us something we still have yet to hear anything about... WHERE ARE MY NEW DANCES!? Has anyone else noticed the sever lack of moves to bust? If I have to buy cataclysm for something they promised...
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