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WoW has dominated the MMO scene - and the PC world - for a reason: it's the best game in the genre. At least, that's how you see it. After traveling from Silithus to Northrend, you've got a lot of experiences you'd like to share with those just starting ou

Introduce yourself and your WoW career!

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  • Just for fun, make a little post describing your WoW career and where you are in the game now. When did you start, what class did you first roll, what's your main, how your guild is doing, etc.

    For some reason, I think we all love hearing about other people's experiences in WoW. Let's get this going!


  • I just started playing again after a LONG break. Currently I have a 38 Warlock Blood Elf on Thunderhorn named Hawwa. I've had a myriad of characters across many servers over the years. I've rolled every class and gotten them up to 20 just to try them out, and I always come back to Warlocks and Shamans.

    If you bred HK-47, Shale, Chai Ka and Wrex, the gaming world would explode from sheer badassery.

  • I have been playing WoW for about a year and a half.  I started as a dwarf priest on a PvE server and leveled him to 45 before I was convinced by some friends to roll Horde on their PvP server.  Since then, I have leveled my main, an Undead Priest (I love to heal and I don't know why) and my BE DK to 80.  My priest is a holy spec, but I have been messing with shadow recently and enjoy it quite a bit.  I have a level 66 BE Warlock and just started an undead Rogue.  I just finished my "What a Long Strange Trip It's Been" achievement and got my Violet Proto Drake in the beginning of May.

    Our guild is doing progression through ICC 10 and 25 and we are currently going for Saphiron.

  • I have been playing WoW on and off for about 2 years now. My first character was a night elf hunter and i leveled her to 35 before my account was hacked and I couldn't retrieve it. I made a new account and my main is now a levle 80 night elf druid on Dawnbringer. I'm resto/bal spec and I love my druid. I just started leveling a new character, now a level 20 night elf warrior, and i also have a low level blood elf pally and a horde dk. My guild is doing progression through ICC and we're working on Rotface.

    My account won't let me log in right now for some reason, and I've tried everything to get back on, but it won't let me. It's frustrating. Help?


  • I started playing back in 2005 and been off and on for a few years had one account started another one then quit playing the first one and have a few char.s on both horde and alliance my main is a warlock lvl 80 of course on the realm stonemaul not the greatest realm but it works deffintly looking for some people to play with casualy and not in the dirty way.

  • I have 3 mains now on Thunderhorn.

    Kerrighan - 77 Death Knight, Undead

    Hawwa - 68 Warlock, Blood Elf

    Hyuuga - 38 Shaman, Troll

    If you bred HK-47, Shale, Chai Ka and Wrex, the gaming world would explode from sheer badassery.

  • im a player of 7 years :) age 13 but my original account was hacked so i had to start over i am now a 74 druid on real zangramarsh heals and spell dps i like having the heals now (my second spec.) because dungeons pop almost instantly :) i have one bank char and a couple of random chars my main is the 74 named duskoo (itd be cool to meet friend s on here too :P)

  • Okay I just started in June 2010 and I'm on Stonemaul 74 Night Elf Druid Dual spec for balance and resto.... I love this game even though my 360 gets the best of me.. I just started a Blood Elf Mage, she only level 8 but she is fun so far The Druid is a Complete bad ass and Tanks can't hold aggro in the room when I'm there... I'm very satisfied with WoW.

  • Just started playing october 1st as a tanking human paladin on the dunemaul server. just got to 43 today and am wondering if anyone csn give me some leveling tips or anything.

  • refering to assassin my tips are just keep hitting the dungeons continuously and try to get into raids from 60 -80 though harder to get in sometimes drop epic equip. dont use the raid finder though just ask on general/trade chat its worked for me know the raids you want too and follow your role as tank try as hard as you can to keep the bad guys off EVERYONE

  •     Well I've recently returned to WOW from a 10 month break. Thought I was done with it but my friend asked me to play it again with him when I was bored this month so now I'm back lol. I've been playing WOW since the first year it was out, with only 2-3 breaks, the last one being the longest break.

        Lets see, I started out on  the PvP Server Shadowmoon as a NE hunter back in Vanilla WOW. Was in a raiding guild that made it most of the way through BWL. Eventually (before character transfers) and rerolled on Eldra'Thalas to be with a lot of my RL friends. Made another hunter there that is currently a level 80. At some point I thought it'd be fun to play healing, so I also have a 80 priest, then as I started to branch out a bit and have multiple level 40+ alts that I play around with. Most of my toons are Alliance on Eldra'Thalas but I do have some horde on some other servers. Always done lots of raiding and just a bit of PvP. I'm hoping that with Cata I can get a nice change of pace from the game however and do something different. Maybe not PvP more, just get a different experience from the game.

  • Well i just stopped playing lol but due to the love of the game i joined this group lol.  

    Formerly Dertrac lvl 80 raid tank; and grind tg fury dual spec.  in bc i was raid mt and ot in vanilla

    akantha 80 formerly known as raid buff *old skill trees* demo / destro

    dasdruid 80 resto raid spec and boomkin; formerly panzerkin LOOOOONG time ago rofl

  • I finally got a PC that will play WoW nicely. I have been wanting to play since day 1 so I was thrilled to finally make my character and dive in...but I feel really lost. I don't have any RL friends who currently play and have not met anyone in-game yet. I still don't understand much of the lingo and have never played a keyboard-heavy PC game. I am extending my free trial to six-months but I feel like I am just too late to this party. Everyone says how great and social it is, but so far I feel really alone and am SO disappointed.

    I am a Lvl 10 NightElf Druid on Norgannon

    Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else

  • @ EnchantedDaisy

    If you are lost, I would recommend joining a guild, most likely a leveling guild. Go to a main city (Like Darnassus, Stormwind or Ironforge) and type /2 Want to join level 6+ leveling guild. I don't have a character on your server so I don't know of any that would want you, but that should get you started.

  • Thanks, assassin b ry :)

    Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else

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