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WoW has dominated the MMO scene - and the PC world - for a reason: it's the best game in the genre. At least, that's how you see it. After traveling from Silithus to Northrend, you've got a lot of experiences you'd like to share with those just starting ou

Introduce yourself and your WoW career!

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  • Picked up WoW around Nov after the failure that is FFXIV, and I must say I'm loving it.

    I'm am alliance prot pally Currently lvl74, but I'm taking my time with it (leveling is so fast I capped my xp at 70 for a month).


    although I'm relatively new I can help you out, I play with a friend of mine as well on Korgath if you want to play with people you have some kind of association with.

  • I've played WoW on and off for 4 years. Finally taking it seriously, I have a main Prot Pally on Echo Isles by the name of Aringo. I can't be on as much as I'd like due to college, but I'm slowly getting to 85 so I can finally raid

  • Think this forum maybe a little inactive, but I will introduce myself anyways. I have been playing WoW since BC. I have multiple 85's. My first class to ever play was either my Warlock or my Hunter, that was a while ago and they no longer exsist anyways. My main now is a Human Sub Rogue. He has been sharing a lot of time with my Human Frost Mage. I play on the server AM. My guild is a branch off of a top PvP guild that we left to do our own thing. I am usually on everyday at some point. Message me if you are on AM and want to hang. ALLY FOREVER!

  • my first time ever playing wow was when i was over at a friends house and he let me played his account when wow first came out my first character was a orc warrior but after a few months right before BC came out i gotten the game and my first legit character on my main account was my human warlock who is now around lvl 50 i think (i lvl all my characters quickly)my highest character who at lvl 85 is my human deathknight i play both horde an ally since i love both factions i got a dwarf hunter(lvl 68) a night elf druid(lvl34) a human palidan(lvl 54) forsaken rogue(lvl 34) goblin shaman(lvl 20) orc warrior(lvl 15) worgen warrior(lvl 23) worgen rogue(lvl 21) and i havent played for much due to having no money and such my anniversary of when i first played the game is on feb 24

    mwahahahahahaha ima trotting >:D Xbox Gamercards

  • I play as a night elf hunter named Denadoran playing on starter edition right now and not sure if I should upgrade I have the money. one question if you skip a month will your characters be saved until you decide to pay again?

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