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Tekken Movie

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  • I just watched the new live-action Tekken movie and I just wanted to start out by saying that it's about a 2.5 out of 5.  I've been reading about how the movie was a disappointment, and now I understand why.

    The characters that were included in the movie were as a follows: Jin, Christie, Heihachi, Kazuya, Marshall Law, Raven, Steve Fox, Jun, Nina, Anna, Brian Fury, Miguel, Eddy, Sergei Dragonov, Yoshimitsu, and Paul Phoenix was mentioned but was not seen.

    Pros: Most of the characters that were in the movie were spot on.  The actors themselves and the costumes were amazing in general.  There were some exceptions, one of them being Kazuya.  I was not impressed with Kazuya AT ALL.  The best character was Yoshimitsu hands down.  ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  The fight scenes were fantastic as well.  It was very fun to point out many of the moves seen from the games.

    Cons:  Wow, so many...First of all, the story was VERY LOOSELY based on the games.  I felt that they tried to combine all 6 games into one movie, which turned out to be a huge mess.  That was the main big one for me.  Another thing was that some of the character relationships were really off.  Nina and Anna seemed to be very chummy, but we all know that the two sisters would rather slit each other's throats before they would even consider working together.  Another relationship that was off was the relationship between Kazuya and Heihachi.  Kazuya cowered before Heihachi in the first half of the movie and he didn't grow a spine until the second half of the movie when he took matters into his own hands.  The movie also seemed a little rushed to me, but that could just be me.

    Overall, I was very disappointed with it.  I think they could have done A LOT better.  Has anyone else seen the movie?  What are your thoughts? 

  • well i gotta say it looks pretty decent at the most its better than most movie adapations we had in the past like the last airbender or dbz evoloution....but what im looking foreward to is the cgi anime movie coming out july 26 tekken blood vengance.just see the trailers on youtube  its amazing

  • Azure Moon, if the movie seemed rush, then that probably means it was. You know, I wasn't surprised and figured that this film would suck. As they do with films like these, they usually spend too much time doing rather cheap attempts to get the attention of fans. It's really sad to me.

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