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My thoughts of the "New Characters" from Tekken 4 onwards to the console version of Tekken 6

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    Craig Marduk-Slow but strong, he was later balanced out some more. I feel his contribution to the plot was well warranted, and shook up things for King, making things quite interesting, and continued to be an interesting story.

    Steve Fox- I liked his very different gameplay style compared to the other poeple, and he seemed to have a natural fit for the theme Tekken 4 was going for, but I'm glad he stayed along for the next Tekken's as well. His story was good in Teken 4, I loved it..but it turned to crap after that. sigh, at least he's still fun to play as.



    Asuka Kazama-I liked her as a character, sort of. She's an interesting addition plot-wise but somethings a bit...off with her. Too childish, but maybe that's the point. I can't honestly make up my mind about her, but I think I like her. Jun would be better of course, but she's DEAD (throws a rock at those who say she isn't -.-) the gameplay is good of course.

    Feng Wei- meh. Gameplay wise he's interesting but not terribly fun. He adds almost nothing to the plot and started as just a motivation for Asuka and now is even less than that even.

    Raven- see Feng Wei. Same thing, except that Raven adds a little browny points for being a Naruto-type ninja who looks like Blade.

    Lili -Love her gameplay-wise. She's alot of fun and very unique, and she's a likeable character, even if very cliche and a rip off of Karin from Street Fighter (i think that's her name), plus its predictable she'd build a rivalry with Asuka..that way they can rip off Karin's rivalry in Street Fighter of course.

    Armor King II- See Craig Marduk basically lol Only thing I'd change is he's not as slow as Madruk.

    Dragunov- he's a Cliche Russian knock-off of Raven but somehow is also cool in appearance, gameplay wise he sucks..and his contribution to the plot is questionable and open for debate.


    Tekken 6/BR

    Bob- no. just no. no no no no no no. He's humorous, and mildly fun to play as but WTF? Seriously..I just..don't get it. He adds little if anything to the plot, but somehow I'm mixed about him. I want to dislike him, but I can't fully..I still am often amused by him.

    Leo Kliesen- ahem. Fun to play as..other than that..dislike her. Alot. She feel like she was added just for 10 year old boys to enjoy playing as and to relate to..and yet she's a GIRL O.o

    Zafina- Sexy, wierd-gameplay that is too wierd to be that useful but still fun to play as and her contribution to the plot is questionable and open for debate, though it'll probably lessen after Tekken 6.

    Alisa Bosconovitch- RPG Cliche. She's a robot cute-girl who learns what feelings mean..where have I heard this b4? Oh yeah, in alot of RPGs. Probably made soley for Campaign mode, and then of course is playable in regular Tekken.

    Lars Alexanderson- RPG Cliche to the extreme. Spikey haired protagonist with amnesia. SERIOUSLY?! He's swedish and the illegitimate son of Heihachi..while interesting..idk what to think about his contribution to the plot (and how he feels like he's stealing the thunder of Lee, who sadly seems to have little motivation anymore btw)...but he's again, obviously made soley for Campaign mode, and then of course is playable in the more regular modes of Tekken.

    what are your thoughts of these characters?

  • Just figured Id mention that Armor King has been playable since at least Tekken 2.

  • I know Armor King I has been..this is Armor King II..his brother. Did you pay attention or what -.-

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