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Tekken 6 Current Tier List

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  • According to sites I've been going to, this seems to be the best list I could find. What do you guys think? Lets Discuss who we're best with, if you agree with the Tier list, character comparisons, etc.

    As of October 09 2009:

    S = Steve, Law, Bob
    A+ = Bryan, Paul, Julia, Lars, Lili
    A = Bruce, Baek, King, Jack, Eddy, Feng, Nina
    A- = Roger, A.King, Heihachi, Kaz, D.Jin, Christie, Anna, Miguel, Leo, Lee, Alisa
    B+ = Lei, Dragunov, Marduk, Jin, Asuka, Ganryu,
    B = Hwo, Ling, Wang
    B- = Yoshimitsu. Raven, Bears
    C+ = Mokujin. Zafina

    And for those who don't know the terms.

    1=Left Punch, 2=Right Punch, 3=Left Kick, 4=Right Kick

    +means your holding multiple buttons. A comma means you're pressing a new button so for example:

    While Crouching 1+2,3  would mean While Crouching pressing left punch at the same time as right punch followed by a left kick.

  • Well Bryan is my main and Dragunov is my secondary. I just started using Jin so I think I have a good variety. But steve in S, thats a big suprise.I would think bryan would be an A and Dragunov being in B. Bruce should be down further too. Heihachi would be more of an S or A and raven would be B+. Other than those the list is fine.





  • Well, I got the list from Tekken Zaibatsu, and a bunch of veteren Tekken Players on that site were starting with mixing what they've read in other Tier lists, with youtube videos of the best Tekken Players in the world, along with their own experiences and a bunch of debating to get that list to where its at..so it'll take a good solid defense to change such things me thinks lol

    As for my own experience, well I can play Ultra Hard like its nothing, but against real Tekken Players..well I'm the only one I know (besides casually players I've met now and then at cons)..so I tend to try to play against freinds and its usually just too easy. Though I've had some definate challenges now and then I'm basically one of the best Tekken players out of anyone I've met  IRL, though I'm very sure there is far better out there.

    I was surprised Steve is so high, but all lists I've seen have him at the top. From what I gather its because there are little to no risks with his best moves. Bruce is where he should be IMO. Raven has alot of flaws, I agree he fits where he is.

    I'm sad Lee is so low because I main with him. (Used to main with Jin though) but I agree with him being where he is.

    Essentially, an A- can possibly beat higher ranks, but its alot more difficult, and in championship matches, it takes some of the best to pull it off. However, its much more easier than the lower ranks..from what I gather an A- is almost the same as an A, they just have more unsafe moves than the next rank up.

  • Well I guess it's a pretty decent list. But why did you stop using Jin? Just curious because I just picked him up.





  • Well I guess it's a pretty decent list. But why did you stop using Jin? Just curious because I just picked him up. My very first was Kazuya but a few people told me I'd like Bryan instead and come to find out i did.





  • I'm starting to like Bryan too (play wise..I've always thought character wise that he's a badass..I love voicing his laugh for fun...yeah, lets just say I may be a va in the future..anywho) why I quit playing as Jin? Funny story actually. I loved playing as Jin, but I felt his combos were too short. But I could never find anyone I liked more until one day I played as Lee on a mere whim based on remembering liking playing him once before. I can never go back again, no matter how many times I try, its just not the same anymore sense I like playing as Lee so much more. Lee is where its at for me now XD

    I'm still playing Dark Resurrection atm though. I'm getting Tekken 6 on PSP today. Can't wait.

    You double posted btw.

  • lol I can dig it. I know a few friends that play with Lee and he is pure bad ass. And I like how you can dress him as Benimaru





  • Benimaru? Who is that? And yeah, well its based on what I've gathered. I'll have more input on this probably after I get the game today lol

  • Cool. Benimaru is from King of Fighters. Google him.





  • Meh maybe later..and guh..I just heard from my folks at the last minute that we're going to have to wait until tomorrow to get it -.-

  • My main has always been Law, and it makes sense he's right up there at the top, the combo's he has that I have mastered can pretty much obliterate any opponent with any various offensive and defensive strategies. My second is Lee, I like his style and have some nasty combo's I can pull off with him, surprised he's a little lower on the tiering.

    When will the developers of games let us actually gamers come up with a creative game idea? The world may never know....

  • I laugh at myself because I play Law, Lili, and Bruce, which are Top Tier, but they don't feel like it online because of the stupid lag and bad hit-boxes online. I feel kinda awkward now because in a lot of fighting games, I play low-tier characters (Sakura in SFIV and Hakumen in BlazBlue). IMO, I think the list should stay as is. Law was my character since Tekken 2 and I just picked up Lili because of her fun style, and Bruce because I wanted to try a Muy Thai character in Tekken. I just wish I could go out-of-state to play Tekken 6 NOT online to measure how well I play offline. Offline is the best measurement of how well you really are at a game, especially for fighting games.

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  • If there was less slowdown lag, I'd say Online is the best option actually. But sense there is..I'd say offline multiplayer because Single Player..who CAN'T win easily on most of Ultra Hard? (As of every game before 6. Not sure about 6. I'm hopefully getting 6 today)


    Oh and I hear Bob is a pain in the ass to fight..anyone care to elaborate?

  • @ Sephiroth89 :

    A lot of Bob characters that I have played online have a good pressure game and kinda is spammer-friendly. Last night, I met a Bob player that just spammed 1-2-1-2. It was annoying as heck and he almost won. He was just not smart enough to block low.

    The iDOLM@STER : A game for real men.

  • Are you serious? HAHA I hate players who do things like that. I sometimes refer to when people spam moves too often in a row as stale moves..term originates with Smash bros lol but yeah, I hear he was even more difficult in the original arcade Tekken 6,, but to the point of being cheap. (Note the console one is based on the arcade bloodline rebellion.) Now in this one he is just on the top tier. lol

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