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Tekken 4 vs Tekken 6

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  • Let me get this out of the way: I've played Tekken 5 and Dark Ressurection. I own them as well as Tekken 4 and the psone Tekken 3. (But I've played every Console Tekken and my first experience with Tekken was in the arcades against a cheap as hell enemy at the time..I wasn't as good as I am now at it.) I have been looking forward to Tekken 6 and have it preordered on the PSP and the gameplay looks just as awesome as the consoles. I have seen the character endings on youtube and watched the walkthrough to scenario mode (cutscenes and all.) on youtube. With that said, this is all opinions. Treat it as such.

    Thank you.
    Tekken 4 vs Tekken 6. Well....In Tekken 6 Gameplay is better, I can agree with that much. Graphics noticeably better..and ironicly has a forest level with water, just like Tekken 4 lol

    But I feel the story was better in 4..at least endings wise.

    In Tekken 4, it was the first time they had a deep story. I loved it. Then in Tekken 5 they ditched that to try to go the safe route and bring back more of what people like gameplay-wise to insure they could have profits. I don't fault them for it, I like Tekken 5 gameplay more. Its like Tekken 3 and Tag only alot more balanced. However, I expected Tekken 6 to have deep endings like Tekken 4 did.

    It doesn't. I'm angry.
    I was fooled into thinking it would because of the awesome intro stories to each character, however when you see the endings, they are almost all comic relief things. The ones that do have plot aren't that good either. This is what Tekken 5 had, and I enjoyed them but was disappointed when it was in 5. Them being in 6 angers me alot.

    Whats worse, most of the real story appears to be in the new version of Tekken Force: Scenario Mode. This wouldn't be so bad if the story was good..but it isn't. Its got a spiky haired protagonist with amnesia. So in other words..its the plot of 80% of the RPGs on the market. That wouldn't be so bad if the plot was more deep..but it isn't. It stalls for time and rarely shows any reel plot, and when it does, its brief and is stalling more until the final level or two, which is where the plot really is.

    Don't get me wrong, the gameplay in both modes appears to be fun. I just really wish the awesome plot that seemed to be set up was fulfilled.

    I might be wrong, maybe the fight intros from Tekken 5 have returned and that's where the real plot is..if so, then they should hopefully be selectable from the cutscenes menu. But they weren't in 5 so I doubt it. I am disappointed.
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  • Hello. ^^

    But yeah, it bugs me. Feels like basically everything about Tekken 4 was better aside from gameplay.

    The story was more realistic (but a war involving azeazel is still cool of course, don't get me wrong) the art style had more of a chrome metallic feel to it all, which made it prettier than the other Tekkens which basically all have the same feel of Tekken 3/TAG. The plot was plenty handled better, aside from POSSIBLY (still arguable) the scenario mode of Tekken 6..other than that though, its the best plot in the whole series. The announcers voice was cooler. The music cooler.

    Everything aside from the small character roster and the gameplay itself, was better than any other Tekken has been so far, In my opinion.

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