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Favorite Tekken

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  • Mine would have to be probably Tekken 6, though there are some things that I wish to this day it had done that Tekken 4 did..more on that later though.

  • Tekken 3.. best balance of the series best story, most fresh new characters. just the awesomeness in a cd format. if not that then tekken tag. I know it was lacking everywhere like story but every character up to that point had its merits.

  • I'd like both Tekken 3 and now Tekken 6. Tekken 3 put me into the Tekken Series and it was fun playing it in the arcades. Tekken 6 is the newest Tekken I have played and brought me back into playing Tekken because I haven't played a Tekken ever since Tekken 3/Tekken Tag Team.

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  • I feel the best story in the series was Tekken 4, but thats me.

  • Tekken 3 is my personal favorite as it was got me into the series. I spent countless hours at the arcade learning the moves of all the characters till I finally was able to just dominate with Law by knowing what each character could bring to the table.

    When will the developers of games let us actually gamers come up with a creative game idea? The world may never know....

  • I saw Tekken 3 but never played it. Then played as King once in the arcades in TTT and got my ass handed to me. Then MUCH later I got Tekken 4 and Tekken 3 at the same time..and fell in love with 4. But felt gameplay wise..sadly 3 was better. Then 5 became my new fav when I got it, then DR on PSP I got.. blew it out of the water of course.

    Now I'm getting 6 on PSP and it looks the best so far, however story wise I still stand on 4 seeming the best. Which is a shame because 6 would be the best if they actually had a plot aside from the intros to each of them..but they don't really. A shallow scenario plot and a bun ch of comic relief endings.

  • love most of those comic relief endings. remember mokujin's live action ending in tekken 3? that was awesome. But it probably means that like SF4 or alot of other games including tekken 5 the best stuff will come with Tekken6: insert random crap here for subtitle.

  • I started on Tekken 3 but I loved Tekken 4 the best. I also loved Tekken Tg because it had all the characters. We need a new Tekken Tag lol

  • yeah tekken tag was the chit as well, another one would be nice. Every character from 1-6 that would be just freakin awesome.

    When will the developers of games let us actually gamers come up with a creative game idea? The world may never know....

  • We need a new crossover game that features Tekken, the new SF4, maybe some Virtua fighter, Soul Caliber. Kinda like the import only Namco X Capcom sweet crossover that featured Mitsirugi and JIn against Mega Man and KOS-MOS and like battles. That I believe would be sweetness in a barrell shot with awesomeness.

  • Tekken vs. Soul Calibur! That's possible because they both are created by Namco Bandai and Heihachi was in Soul Calibur II. As for Capcom vs. Namco, they already have it, but it was never released in the US. It was called "NamcoXCapcom" and it played kinda like Final Fantasy Tactics. It looks like a good game. But now I'm getting of tangent with the topic, sorry.

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  • Yeah i said that. Also mentioned it was import only. And still think it would rock the Tekken universe if it came stateside as a release.

  • To me another Tekken Tag would be pointless. Every character that needs to be brought back in some shape or form has as of Tekken 5. Tekken 6 introduced new ones enough to make the cast have one more character than Tag..but unlike Tag, it didn't half half the characterrs being copys of another, instead it altered theones that were merely simliair to each other, and didn't bring back the unecessary, hell, it even brought back two characters that were pointless: Ganryu and Rojer! (granted its his now ex-wife and takes the name of his son but still) (which were only a few anyways)...we'd just be getting platelete swaps of exsisting characters..its pointless. No, instead they should just add the Tag Feature as a mode in Tekken 7.

  • I concur. A tag feature would be nice in a newer iteration of Tekken.

    The iDOLM@STER : A game for real men.

  • I still stand by what I said but just realized..actually there's one character I wish they could bring back really badly...though maybe there's a good reason she isn't: Kunimitsu.

    I guys two reasons:  1. Byram replaced her in terms of Yoshimtu's rival.

    2. All females except Anna and Nina aren't still around because they'd look old. The males they get away with being older like Paul and Kazuya, but females..not so much. Those two only stayed due to a storyline of being in cryosleep.

    Still..I really wish Kunimitsu could come back..she wasn't as much a copycat as alot of people in tag were.

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