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Tekken 7 Speculation

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  • Thoughts and Ideas on Tekken 7.

    For starters do you think Namco will burn us with another crappy boss like 5 and 6 did, or will they return to the glories of 1-4 and have semi-normal people as the finales. Also any thoughts on possible fighting styles left to be exploited... I mean added to the roster?

  • I really hope they don't use another oversized and extremely cheap boss like the dragon (name slip's my mind) in 6. If the go for the other approach by making a normal sized, not so cheap boss, that would be awesome.

    There are a lot of fighting styles they can choose from, but i've noticed they enjoy making up their own, which seems to be working out well for them. I don't seem to mind them.

    One thing they MUST fix though, is the loading screens. I don't know about you, but there are just WAY too many loading screens in 6. I've never been angry at a loading screen until I played this game. They can do without the "embers" that float around aimlessly. it's an uncessesary attribute.

    I'm not so sure if they will create new people for 7 though. there's like 6 or 7 new characters in 6 right? if they are going to do anything, they should bring back characters like kunimitsu or gon.

  • gon..not a real tekken character, theyd have to get the rights to him again. Kunimitsu does need to be brought back,,but no one else with the possible exception of maybe giving Unknown a story as a secondary boss or something.

  • Tekken 7 definitely  needs to go back to the older storyline. You know, like the whereabouts of Jun Kazama (or if she turned into Unknown) and I'd like to see Jin actually care about his mom. It seems like he forgot all about her and just chose world domination over everything else. I want Jin taking revenge and desperately searching for his mother. I'd also like Kazuya to be Devil again.

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