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Tekken was king of the ring once, and rightfully so. Looking for some fellow fighters who understand the merits of lengthy combos and the joys of air-juggling your opponent out of the ring? Then you've come to the right place.

Tekken 6 Current Tier List

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  • Another factor is how any moves are 'safe' and 'unsafe' or aka which ones are more risky to attack with

  • Very true. For example, I think Lili has a lot of High Risk/High Reward attacks, while on the other hand, Law's somersaults have little risk to them, but also have a high reward, thus making him top tier.

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  • yeah, Law's an excellent juggler and an easy to learn character.

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  • Pretty much. Thus, top of the tiers for him. Still, I still can't get over the fact of the lag-tastic online play is crap and I seem to drop so many combos with Lili online because of the bad frame rate and hit boxes online, otherwise, my Lili game would be so much better.

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  • i see quite a few fallacies being tossed around in this thread. lets address them before the snowball of misinformation gathers any speed.

    saying A. king feels slow compared to X character is very relative. in tekken 6  almost everyone has a 10 frame jab, whereas in previous tekkens there were quite a few characters who had 8 frame jabs, making them "faster" than the 10 framers.

    while law, lili, etc may feel faster or have more moves that are high in speed, i can guarantee you that A. king has at least 1 move that is 13 frames, and probably a couple that are 14 frames as well, in addition to his 10 frame jab. as long as you know what advantage you are at, you can choose the proper speed move to make it uninterruptable. while the "fast characters" may have more options for moves that are fast, it doesnt mean that you are at a direct disadvantage when it comes to speed.

    second, the comment above me about laws flips having little risk and lili being high risk. you are completely wrong and i dont know where you got this idea. laws flips are all punishable on block, some by launchers. the flips are not what make him good. lili does have these high risk high reward moves, but they also are not what make her good. she has quite a few safe launchers, great lows, evasive properties on quite a few of her moves. great sidestep, coupled with a jab string that is NC, does decent damage and knocks down/wall splat. these are the qualities that make her strong.

    i'm a marduk player  from florida btw, if you have any questions i'd be happy to help.

  • I quite agree with you that Lili also has that many things up her arsenal. I know that she has the ability to have many viable options besides some of her high risk/high reward attack, but that was just to give an example for comparison between Law and Lili. Maybe I should of elaborate more onto it.

    Quite a few of Law's somersaults lead into combo strings and even though it's punishable by block or launchers, the main goal for a Law player (at least from my point of view) is to poke a hole into their defense to combo into Law's somersaults and thus, leads into air juggles and combos. I probably should of put more depth in explain how Law is top tier from my perspective. Law is top tier by my eyes is because he has many viable options to go into a flip and combo. For example, one of my main initial combo is to do a down+2 into a 'sault and then go into a air juggle of my choice. The initial poke move (Down+2) sets up a way to go into a flip, and then into an air juggle. I know there are plentiful other options that Law has to combo in a flip, and this is just my example of how I play him. I poke and then go all out. I agree with you though that just a regular 'sault is not really a viable option to go into anything, because it is punishable by block and launchers, but a poke into a 'sault is almost not punishable at all considering the stun from the initial poke attack. This is what I believe what makes a good Law, besides the damages he deals with other attacks and other combo strings that don't involve a 'sault.

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  • d+2,3 i think is the notation for that move. it is guaranteed on CH but on normal hit you will get the sault blocked and you will get launched, i think its - 17.  

    his WS 1,2 (maybe its WS 1,1, not sure i dont play him) is far better. it is hit confirmable so you dont have to commit and gives a juggle on normal hit. the flips, aside from juggle filler, which he doesnt even need because he gets better juggle damage without them, are pretty much always a bad idea, unless you KNOW someone will do a high.

  • So you like to poke with law? Interesting. I'm more of a Nina fighter. She has an impeccable counter.

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  • I think it's WS1,1 is also a good and viable move. Meh, I guess I can get rusty on the terms since that I stopped playing Tekken since the T3, and I'm just coming back from that long hiatus and starting to play T6 on console before playing it in arcades. Law's flips in T3 were much more viable in T3 I guess and maybe I'm just kinda need to get to the times in term of Law.

    Fun conversation this is turning into be.

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  • yeah, good times, always fun to talk strat.

  • Everyone has a 10 frame jab except for Ganryu who has 12 first off. Second: not mad on what you said, but asking what you think of this:

    I feel Jin has severly been nerfed sense Tekken 5/DR What was so great about him was almost all of his attacks were direct and made more sense than most other characters. They weren't about flashyness or multiple combo hits, but direct, precise, hits. Now with Tekken 6..they added a multy combo punch (not at all like Jin but its useful.) and made alot of his kicks less direct, do different things at times than Tekken 5/DR and more risky, thus making him weaker than before. It angers me. (Doesn't help bound and azazel are both cheap as hell in this game)

  • jin is better in tekken 6. it doesnt matter what moves look or "feel like" all that matters is the properties of them. that multi punch you mention is a GREAT punisher and thats what it should be used for, not just a random move to throw out there.

    he had lots of strings in DR i'm not sure what you're getting at saying he didnt.

    btw if anyone wants to play me my PSN is kilikAbeast

  • I didn't mean that, i meant his basic attacks made more sense in Tekken 5/DR, however I DO like that multi punch, notice I even said that.

    I really feel Jin has been nerfed in Tekken 6.

    I'm good with lee now though so its all good.

  • was up everyone,my main was steve in Tekken 5 but in Tekken 6 i main wth Heihachi,also i play Kazuya,Davil Jin Muigel and im learning Jin (only because i dressed him like Sephiroth ;) i HATE Bob he is GREAT with mixups and thats why,not too many ppl use him online so when i fight someone who deos i dont know what his moves are and its difficult. also i can do ALL 4 of Heihachis 10 hts offline when i play with friends and family but online i cant do them because of the lagg.anyone else have thisproblem?ok  now about tekken 6 they COMPLETELY change everything, they build the game from the ground up and it SHOWS because some moves that Heihachi did in t5 were removed in t6 also with steve they added an EXTRA button input for his 10 hits but anyways if anyone wants some friendly competition just msg me my PSN id is jlvega just let me know your from GI pls so i dont wander where or when i met you

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