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Tekken was king of the ring once, and rightfully so. Looking for some fellow fighters who understand the merits of lengthy combos and the joys of air-juggling your opponent out of the ring? Then you've come to the right place.

Favorite Tekken

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  • I was a big fan of Tag and I just gotta ask who were these copycats you are talking about? Cause characters like P. Jack, Jack-2, and the Ogres were all originals. And I miss them in the line ups. Same with the Devil character from Tekken 2; he wasn't the greatest but as an alternate to Kazuya he was fun to play with.

  • P. Jack, Jack, Jack-2 are essentially all Jacks. Thus, copycats. Orges were the boss of Tekken 3, no reason to bring him back. (They're both one person remember) Devil needn't be back because we hve Devil Jin. Jun needn't be back we have Asuka.

    They brought back Anna and made her a bit more dif so that shes less like Nina now. Ganry is back and now he's less like Jack and Kuma/Panda than he was before. (As well as them being more different than each other) Kunimitsu was dif enough they should've brought her back but she WAS another Yoshimitsu largely. Julia is almost just like her mother Michelle gameplay-wise.

    Tetsujin is just a tin mokujin. Forest Law plays alot like Marshall Law. They made a new Armor King already who is more dif than King than the old one was. Alex is almost just like Roger, whom is now replaced by Rojer Jr. (Or well..his mom, that they stupidly name the sons name.)..I believe that covers everyone who is in Tag and not in Tekken 7, aside from Unknown who I'd like to see return a bit but am fine without, and of course Kunimitsu who i want to see return.


    On another note, I've been playing Tekken 6 on psp. Azazel is the cheapest boss in all of Tekken. PERIOD. He is unfair, cheap, a *** full of *** on a *** sandwhich. Seriously. He should not exist. I can play on Ultra Hard with little trouble yet, I lose to this boss multiple times ON EASY! (Granted I can still beat him on medium and almost beat him through sheer dumb luck on Ultra Hard ONCE)

    I also feel bound is cheap. You know, the moves where when you're knocked to the ground, they have your ass and feet raise into the air instead of letting you get up so that they can hit you a few more times! Cheap! I wish it was back to in Tekken 5 where those moves still existed, but were fewer in number and more difficul to pull off. As they are in 6, as a big feature, they are flat cheap. But aside from those complaints..Tekken 6 is my favorite one so far as of now.

    Its alot of fun and a blast..oh btw: I was right..the story IS that bad. Its worse than 5 because they don't evne have fight intro cutscenes..So in other words..you'll see a badass back story to each character..then a comic relief end cutscene to them that is unrelated..and thats IT for most of the characters in the game.

    The ones that AREN'T comic relief, are boring, short and essentially tells us NOTHING. The only reason I get the plot is the prologues to characters....and scenario mode...which is CONSOLE ONLY so I had to see that mode online, and even then, it didn't really have much of a plot until near the end of that mode. (i sat through it and watched it, trust me I know)

    So obviously, I'm sad the plot is the worse in the series so far while the best so far. Why? Because other than the prologues to each character and near the end of Scenario mode (Console only, PSP doesn't have this mode and has Gold Rush instead)..THERE IS NO PLOT

    But what little is there, shows that they planned to have the best plot so far..and decided to make it to where we won't know what happens next in Tekken 6 until Tekken 7! LAME! Still a good game gameplay wise..aside from Bound and Azazel which is cheap and zero fun whatsoever...seems some forget what games are for: Entertainment. Thank you.


    EDIT: oh btw: whoever created the group commited fail. Tekken doesn't have ring outs.

  • I'd have to say either 3 or 4 were my favorites.

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