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Street Fighter II Turbo is a classic, but the new Street Fighter IV has it own merits. Then again, maybe you are fan of the Alpha series. If you like EX...well, this is the place you can get made fun of by real SF fans.

Luckiest Moment

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    Ever had a moment where you just could not believe that that move just worked in your favor? Post it here.


    Mine is when i was playing online as Akuma in SSFIV against this guy who was definitely more skilled than i was. Out of sheer luck he jumped into my Ultra. He pulled off his Ultra combo, and SOMEHOW, i jumped over it. As i came back down, i kicked him down in one swift move. I wonder what that guys face looked like afterwards.

    And that's what she said.




  • Mirror match against a Vega a lot better than myself, he did an ex sky high claw or FBA and I did a scarlet terror command as he flew up and it auto corrected catching him as he went towards the opposite wall for the win

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