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Fireballs, flying bicycle kicks, mid-air reversals - you are a master of every video game fighting style. But even a master acknowledges that there is still much to learn. Consider this your dojo.

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  • Forum Post: Seriously?

    Game Critics Awards gave MVC3 the best fighting game of E3 award over MK? I'm slightly pissed if only for the fact the MVC3's controls have been dumbed down from MVC2 whereas MK has gotten deeper....allegedly. Whatever after I heard MVC3 was gonna have a weak, medium and strong attack and not...
  • Forum Post: NEW MK!!!


    Hey who has ULTIMATE MORTAL KOMBAT i own it is cool. ill play you online my friend code is 219309758665
  • Forum Post: The death of one of the best...

    This is the thread that will remember Lou as he once was, you know before he was all messed up slightly evil and zombified...
  • Forum Post: Favorite Game

    Which Mortal Kombat game do you like the best? It can be any of them (including the mythologies one, though I haven't met someone who does like that game) For me, I like armageddon because of the big roster of characters it has.
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