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Fireballs, flying bicycle kicks, mid-air reversals - you are a master of every video game fighting style. But even a master acknowledges that there is still much to learn. Consider this your dojo.

Fighting Sticks

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  • I have nothing to show right now since my stick is just your average Marvel vs. Capcom TE stick. Although, I finally got my octo-gate and my LS-33 spring the other day so that's the only thing that is different about my stick. I do plan to get some new artwork sometime in the future, but right now, I just can't find anything I really like. You've got a great fight stick, saka! The artwork is really nice, and I love the G Gundam art on the bottom (I can't remember the name of the gundam for some reason). The dual-mod really interests me but I wouldn't dare try to install one since I am pretty terrible when it comes to tools. Maybe someday I won't be though, maybe. Great work on the stick all around dude!

  • Dood, dual-modding is a pain. There's so many stuff you have to learn. I'm not very good at soldering, and I ALMOST messed up and almost rendered the ChImp dual-mod useless. You'll also have to learn about common ground, which wires go to which ground on the original PCB, and so many other stuff.

    Still worth it in my opinion. It beats buying 2 sticks.

    Next project is going to be creating my own Stick from scratch though. I'll use left-over OSBF-30s and OSBF-24s, but a JLF, and pad-hack a PS1 controller so the stick will work on the PS1, PS2, and just get a PS2 to PS3 converter so it can be used on the PS3. Going to make the case out of Tupperware. It's dirt-cheap, durable, and you can just get a new piece if I ruin the first case.

    The iDOLM@STER : A game for real men.

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