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Fighting Sticks

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  • I'm looking into purchasing a set of fighting sticks for my PS3 and I was wonder which ones are everyones favorite and why? My only preference is that they're wireless. 

  • Well, as far as I know there aren't too many good wireless fight sticks that I know of. I own the Tekken wireless fight stick that came bundled with the Collector's Edition. It was my first fight stick and I was sad to find out that it sucked. I honestly don't wireless fight sticks are the way to go since the wired ones are supposedly fantastic. I have heard nothing but great praise for the Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition fight sticks which are wired. I recently purchased a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Tournament fight stick, but I haven't been able to open it yet because I have to pay it off in chores (long story). I have heard very good things about it for a manager I know well at my local Gamestop, and one of my friends really likes it as well. So if you want a very high quality and durable fight stick definitely go with a tournament stick from Mad Catz. If you really just want a wireless fight stick you should try to do some research on the ones you find and possible choices by looking at the well-known fighting game sites like Shoryuken.com. Otherwise, good luck with your future fight stick adventures; I hope this helped you somewhat.

  • As a owner of a Madcatz Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition, a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3, a former owner of a Madcatz Arcade Fightstick Standard Edition, and a former owner of a Hori Tekken 6 Stick, I have to tell you to go with a Madcatz Tournament Edition.

    First and formost, the wireless arcade sticks as of right now, are mostly banned from tournaments. Secondly, the Madcatz Standard Edition [known as just the SE] is the cheapest stick to buy if you are in a budget. But, if you really want to be a really good stick, you'll have to mod the stick. The Sanwa-look-a-like parts break after a few months of rigorous play, and the buttons also crap out after a few months. This also goes for the Tekken stick. Both of these sticks work for a while, but they are really cheap in the end. Modding them to get some real arcade parts instead of using the rip off ones that are already on there cost as much as buying a Madcatz Tournament Edition [known as a TE] stick. The price of the SEs come about around $75.

    The Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 [HRAP3] stick is a nice stick to have. The Japanese Semitsu joystick and buttons are nice, but the sensitivity on the HRAP3 is a bit lacking. The buttons have harder springs, and the Joystick feels like you have to force it a bit more. The HRAP3 is also pretty easy to mod. The whole top panel comes off if you unscrew the screws that are on the bottom of the Stick and, you can do mods like changing the art, the buttons, button layout by switching the Quick Disconnects (QDs) and the joystick. Overall, this is a good stick, since it does have real arcade stick parts, but it just takes time to get use to. The price for this comes at around $100

    The TE in my opinion, is the best. Out of the box, it has full 100% real arcade parts from Sanwa, the biggest arcade parts seller in Japan. The JLF joystick and the OSBF 30 Sanwa buttons feel so nice. The TE is also very easy to mod. Replacing the art, buttons, and JLF joystick are easy if you know how to do it. The ergonomics of the stick also feel really nice compared to the other sticks. It's comfortable when you place your hands on it, and it's pretty lightweight. The TE also comes with a cable panel, where you can wrap up your usb cable into a nice, compact panel, where as the HRAP3, you have no where to store the cable. The only this about the TE is the price, which comes at around $130.

    This is my take on the the arcade sticks. Make sure if you are buying a stick, buy from Amazon or from the official websites. Sometimes they give out discounts on certain days, so be on a look out. Madcatz is selling the last of there first model TEs, so either get it while it lasts, or look at buying a Madcatz TE type S stick. The Type S stick is very much similar to the original TEs, but without the wings and panel is full panel.

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  • I have a Hori Real Arcade Pro.EX SE for the 360. I love it.

    I think they also make a version for the PS3, but I could be wrong.

  • The SFIV TE stick is widely considered as the best commercial arcade stick ever made.  I bought it at a weekend-only online discount sale at Fry's a few months ago when supply was short and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.  I actually use it more for non-fighting 2D games than SFIV.

  • Yes, they do have HRAP3 SEs for the PS3. Hori's HRAP3 EXs are better IMO. Can't go wrong with full Seimistu parts. :)

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  • If i could chime in real quick, I've been wondering, is there much of a difference between the SF4 and SSF4 TE's?

  • There's really not much difference except for cosmetic changes. The SSFIV TE is slightly smaller, the artwork is different, and the buttons are different colors. The only bad things that I have heard about the SSFIV TE is that the plastic overlay will most likely cut your hands after long play sessions and the stick looks kind of shoddy compared to the SFIV TE because of it having scotch tape holding down the overlay. So there are some small little problems with the SSFIV stick, but they can be lived with.

  • When I opened up my friends new SSFIV TE, the first thing I noticed is that the wires looked so much more cramped in the stick, unlike the Round 1 or Round 2 TEs. The OBSF-24mm buttons for the start/back/select buttons are still hard to get to and the adhesive for the new artwork is a bit weaker than that of the older versions of the TE. Everything else is the same. Still has a JLF for a stick and OBSF-30s for buttons. Depending on whether you get the PS3 or the 360 SSFIV TE, the 360 TE has different colors to coordinate for the buttons. IMO, the PS3 SSFIV TE looks nicer.

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  • I need to make a correction. The HRAP3 SEs have Seimitsu Buttons and Stick while the HRAP3 EXs have Sanwas... My bad...

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  • I agree with you, saka, that the PS3 SSFIV TE looks nicer, if not only because of the 360's button colors. It's not a problem if you are going to just mod your stick, but if you don't then they just make the stick look ugly. I don't understand why Microsoft made MadCatz have the button color setup like that for the 360 sticks.

  • You can always swap out the OBSF-30s on the 360 TE to the colors you would like.

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  • That was what stuck out when I first saw it was those colored buttons. So which of the two would you guys recommend, the vanilla SF4 arcade stick or the super SF4?  

  • Well, I have not used the Super TE, but what from what I have heard and my own personal preferances, I would go with the vanilla TE. I like the look of it, and I prefer my arcade stick to be comfortable to use

  • I'll go first in posting my arcade stick.

    It is a Madcatz Arcade Fight Stick Round 1 Edition. One of the final production ones. Got it off of Amazon.com for a hefty $130. Great stick though. I have now received a full-panel, side-panel, and bottom-panel plexi-glass to get more art onto my arcade stick. Also replaced the Ball-top to a Mesh Ball-top from Sanwa, and got new Seimistu Clear PS-14 KN buttons to replace the Stock Sanwa OBSF-30s buttons so I can add more art under the buttons. Also have a custom-made dustwasher to add art on the dustwasher. Also got it dual-modded to use this 360 arcade stick to play on both the Xbox 360 and PS3. Here's the final product :

    Top Full-Panel Plexi + Art :


    Bottom Full-Panel Bottom Plexi + Art :


    Side Panel Plexi + Art w/ Seimistu Clear GNCs to replace the Sanwa OBSF-24s for the Start and Back Buttons :

    Dual Mod in my TE. You can see a seperate PCB next to the Green PCB. The Black PCB is the Dual-Mod.:


    I'll post more of my other work later on.

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