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Hyrule-heads unite! Green tights welcome. The Legend of Zelda is one of gaming's most famous franchises, and the power of the Triforce is collected here.

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  • Forum Post: Playable Zelda?

    This may be slightly old news, but recently I've seen mention that Aonuma may consider allowing players to take control of Zelda in upcoming games. In various articles, he mentions that he'd consider it based on fan interest. I've yet to develop a solid opinion of my own, but I've heard...
  • Forum Post: LoZ has been fully voiced in the past.

    I know we all have our opinions on whether or not a Zelda game can or should use voice actors, and a think I found a good argument for the pro-voice side of the argument. I stumbled across some info that I didn't know before, and was curious if anyone else did. There are ALREADY official Nintendo...
  • Forum Post: Zelda Fan Sites

    When I want to get my Zelda news as soon as it appears I usually visit a Zelda Fan site. Some of them are awful, and rarely update, some of them are great and update daily with either news or fan art, projects, and game guides, and some of them, although a great news source, have obnoxious or unprofessional...
  • Forum Post: How about a Zelda novel or manga?

    With the release of a Legend of Zelda timeline, who would be interested in seeing a novel or manga series (though not with anime-style Link) chronicling Link's journeys in a detailed story format? I would imagine each path would be separate volumes having the narrative built around specific elements...
  • Forum Post: Top 5 Songs from the whole Zelda Series

    Title speaks for itself, but feel free to actually explain why you picked a song for a certain spot. 5. Water Temple Theme(OOT)- As "stressful" as people make the water temple out to be, I found this song to actually be very relaxing, and it always prevented me from being frustrated when I...
  • Forum Post: Game Breaking Skyward Sword Glitch or me being stupid?

    EDIT: Me being very stupid. My original post was basically just a long story about how I saved and quit right after the game gave me a very simple instruction, which I miserably failed to follow when I loaded up my game today. I'm a big dummy. Thanks for your time.
  • Forum Post: Who has Skyward Sword?

    It has been out for at least 4 days, in which some of us have gotten it while others didn't have much luck. So, who has been playing Skyward Sword?
  • Forum Post: A Guide through the Skyward Sword

    If anyone has the game and needs help, check out my blog. I will have tons of info on this and a regularly updated blog to provide information for everybody. By the way, comment on what you would like help with. I am at Lanayru Desert so far.
  • Forum Post: First Impressions (Warning: Early Game Spoilers)

    I just finished my first couple of hours with Skyward Sword and I took a break to eat real quick. I just wanted to share my thoughts and hear what others think so far. Warning!! There are a few small spoilers from early in the game here. If you don't want to know, don't read this. I have to say...
  • Forum Post: GameInformer's Skyward Sword Coverage

    In case you've been living under an octorock lately you have most likely heard about GameInformer's exclusive coverage of Skyward Sword . And I just want to say how much of a treat it has been to read their coverage. What has got me most excited is cover of October's issue of Gameinformer...
  • Forum Post: Zelda HD

    Isn't it the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? What you think? Is this going to be a full fledged game or just a tech demo?
  • Forum Post: Ideas for new LoZ items

    Recently, I entered a photoshop contest over at to come up with a new item for link. Of course, I entered and gave it my best. Here was the original photo of Aonuma. The object of the contest was to photoshop a new item into the picture. Here are my entries along with my descriptions...
  • Forum Post: the Legend of Zelda: Awaken the Sage short film, pre-production

  • Forum Post: Wind Waker Link hoodies

    I had a lot of fun making the link hoodies that I decided to make another this one is based off of the Wind Waker Link. I couldnt seem to get the belt just right but, im happy with it. What do you think?
  • Forum Post: How many Zelda's did you beat?

    There are 13 zelda games, excluding all those four swords games. So tell me this: How many zelda games did you beat? I beat 10 of them.
  • Forum Post: Least favorite Zelda game.

    Legend of Zelda is my favorite game series. However, that doesn't mean I don't like some games in it. Tell me your least favorite in the serie's. My least favorite is Adventure of Link . While I liked it, it was too diffucult, thus making it dissapointing. But it was still fun, so please...
  • Forum Post: zelda E3

    Found on Zeld Universe. Okay this year at E3 which is held June 15th through June the 17th, instead of Microsoft on the floor on the first day like last year, it's Nintendo who will be on the floor on the first day this year. They'll be talking about the future oof the 3DS, and about the Vitality...
  • Forum Post: Link's Transportation

    I have played a lot of Zelda games and the one thing I noticed is that he seems to have a lot of transportation throughout his games. Some are more notable than others but I want to ask you a question, what was Link's best and worst transports throughout the series? I would have to say: Worst: Kangaroo...
  • Forum Post: Zelda for wii

    I do not no if thes is new or old!!!!!! ^_^ The goal at this point is that we would make Wii MotionPlus required in order to play Zelda," said Miyamoto, speaking to The next title, announced for 2010 at this year's E3 is short on details at the moment, other than some impressive concept...
  • Forum Post: The Legend of Zelda Ocarnia of Time

    ok i need help i have the zelda disc that came wit the gamecube when it first came out (it has all of the good stuf on it) and im playing ocarnia of time but im stuck... i cant beat it its soooooo HARD!!!!! (fyi im not good at zelda games) so can any one help me out here.....
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