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The Official Zelda Triforce Tribe

Hyrule-heads unite! Green tights welcome. The Legend of Zelda is one of gaming's most famous franchises, and the power of the Triforce is collected here.

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  • Forum Post: Game Breaking Skyward Sword Glitch or me being stupid?

    EDIT: Me being very stupid. My original post was basically just a long story about how I saved and quit right after the game gave me a very simple instruction, which I miserably failed to follow when I loaded up my game today. I'm a big dummy. Thanks for your time.
  • Forum Post: Who has Skyward Sword?

    It has been out for at least 4 days, in which some of us have gotten it while others didn't have much luck. So, who has been playing Skyward Sword?
  • Forum Post: A Guide through the Skyward Sword

    If anyone has the game and needs help, check out my blog. I will have tons of info on this and a regularly updated blog to provide information for everybody. By the way, comment on what you would like help with. I am at Lanayru Desert so far.
  • Forum Post: First Impressions (Warning: Early Game Spoilers)

    I just finished my first couple of hours with Skyward Sword and I took a break to eat real quick. I just wanted to share my thoughts and hear what others think so far. Warning!! There are a few small spoilers from early in the game here. If you don't want to know, don't read this. I have to say...
  • Forum Post: GameInformer's Skyward Sword Coverage

    In case you've been living under an octorock lately you have most likely heard about GameInformer's exclusive coverage of Skyward Sword . And I just want to say how much of a treat it has been to read their coverage. What has got me most excited is cover of October's issue of Gameinformer...
  • Forum Post: New Skyward Sword Info

    What are your thoughts on all of the new information about Skyward Sword?
  • Forum Post: the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Shards, my first game.

    Greetings fellow citizens of Hyrule! I made my first game, sort of. It was for extra credit for a college class. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Shards Inspired (heavily) by the original Zelda game and the soon to come Skyward Sword. Here is the scenario: You just defeated Ganon with one heart left. The...
  • Forum Post: Which Villain (Besides Ganondorf) Would You Like to See In Skyward Sword?

    I personally would like to see the wizard Agahnim, from A Link to the Past, be a main or minor antagonist. What do you think?
  • Forum Post: The Skyward Sword

    After seeing the Latest Zelda Trailer, i can tell something special is coming. I have high expectations, and hope that it will surpass Twilight Princess. The Item wheel seems much more convenient, leaving the D-Pad open for more options. With Wii-Motion Plus on it's side, ZtSS will Kick Ass!!!!!...
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