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Playable Zelda?

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    This may be slightly old news, but recently I've seen mention that Aonuma may consider allowing players to take control of Zelda in upcoming games.  In various articles, he mentions that he'd consider it based on fan interest.

    I've yet to develop a solid opinion of my own, but I've heard compelling arguments from both sides.  Many want a playable Zelda due to the fact that she's such a large part of the franchise and would contribute to the series versatility as a playable character (there are a myriad of possibilities, such as a complimentary play-through beside Link, or even her own game).  Others have stated that a playable Zelda would take away from the spirit of the franchise since she's already an established character with a distinct personality (as opposed to Link, who is largely silent and is meant to be a looking glass for players into the land of Hyrule).

    I'd love to hear more opinions on this matter.  Personally, I think a playable Zelda is pretty intriguing.  We know she can wield a sword (Twilight Princess) and that she clearly impacts events throughout the story by means of direct action (Skyward Sword).



    Oh, and here's a link to the original interview with Nintendo Life:



  • I think a way it could work is if they make a prequel to Skyward Sword with Hylia. It is unlikely though, that Nintendo would do this.

  • I'd love to have a playable Zelda, especially if they had a drop-in, drop-out co-op system for solving dungeon puzzles together with a friend. Would be good for the character to branch out beyond the whole "damsel in distress" cliche.

    Would hope that she'd have some original weapon of her own rather than just repeating Link's sword moves. Maybe a musical instrument of some kind.

  • A game about Hylia would be awesome, especially for the people into the Zelda mythos. I think it'd be interesting to see what they'd do with Zelda's combat too. She could also bust out some magic!

    Another thing that would be cool would be to have a playable Impa, or Shiek...

  • I think that the Hylia idea is really awesome. A Zelda like character fighting in a war would be quite interesting. It would provide more back story for the universe and give life to the character. We would all remember the great war that was fought lead by Hylia. Only thing about that is they are pretty much god battles. It could be interesting, with all that power, but it can turn vanilla and lame if not reigned in by the game designers. After all, the characters have to have some kind of weakness.

    They might have a hard time coming up with some way for it to make sense that you are playing as Zelda. I think having her save Link would be pretty lame and wouldn't work. And in all the Zelda games with Link and Zelda he is trying to save her, at least at some point in the game (Right? Fact check me on this people.). Also, Nintendo may have problems with trying to tell people "Everyone, this is still a Zelda game. Trust us!" They also can't do what they did in Other M, which was make her into a weaker girl character. Zelda could hold her own in battle and they CANNOT make her into a sissy. That would be horrible, and fans would resent them for it. Zelda's quest could be interesting though. Would it be a quest for greatness? To gain power or wisdom? Maybe even courage? That is what I would most like to see, more of what she has done.

    So, I think Nintendo could pull off the Hylia thing, and they could pull of the Zelda thing, but I personally cannot see a way for the later to work. I guess that's why I'm not a video game concepts designer huh, lol.

  • Totally agree, DefeatDeception. I would hate to see her devolve into a whiney, pathetic little girl. I picture her as being more of a Joan of Arc type character, charismatic and brave in the face of adversity. They could even give her some kind of campaign during the Imprisoning Wars to play through.

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