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Hyrule-heads unite! Green tights welcome. The Legend of Zelda is one of gaming's most famous franchises, and the power of the Triforce is collected here.

Preferred part of Triforce

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  • The Triforce is one of gaming's greatest symbols. But which part do you want: Power, Courage, or Wisdom? Tell me in the comments below. I would take Wisdom, since I can ace every test AND use magic AND turn into a someone else like Zelda did in Ocarina of Time.

  • I'd go for courage, cause it seems like power can corrupt you, and wisdom is just a little to "all knowing" for me.  Plus, if you don't have courage in life, you miss out.

  • Power corrupts you...

    Wisdom gets you kidnapped by the one corrupted by Power...

    Courage makes you kill the one with power and save the one with Wisdom...

    I pick courage! :D

    ^She's reacting to my posts! 

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  • i dont think they really do anything when they are separated.  the triforce represents 3 qualities you need to have to be "powerful". you need to be brave, smart and strong.  but i guess i would go with wisdom

  • Power. I just want to be able to turn into a large boar like monster from hell. =)

  • Here's my triforce piece theory from zu

    It has been a long running theme for fanfics but just recently something got my atention. On outset ilsand, the swordsman's, door, there is an upside down triforce with an eye in the middle.

    This is an island that follows the belief of the gods and the hero of time so I belive there is some connection. I think the pearls can explain this. There is din's pearl, farore's pearl, and nayru's pearl. They are pearls that have magical abilities, so I think the moon pearl is one of the godesses pearls. For example, it is placed in a giant tower protected by beamos, a creation of the godesses. The tower is a temple, and temples are to pray to deties. It may point to a fourth godess, who has the moon pearl. The moon pearl is in a chest and even though the tower posses the pendant of wizdom, I could really doubt having nayru or the others have it. So do you think the symbol on the door and the moon pearl point to another godess?

    I like turtles. And monkeys. And cats.

  • Yes.  Yes I think it does.  Along with the inverted triangle on the OoT Hylian Shield, OoT Young Zelda's clothes, and the shadow medallion.  Plus the "Goddess of the desert" (the spirit temple as refered to by Rauru).  One more thing:  Tetra.  Why is her name "Tetra," which means four, of all things?  And why does she have darker skin (Like a gerudo)?  A hint perhaps??

    Tetraforce ftw

  • As for the original question, look at it this way:  Would you rather have strength of the body, strength of the mind, or strength of the heart?

  • Wisdom

    I like turtles. And monkeys. And cats.

  • courage I think would be the best option.  You don't have to be a genius to be a hero, and you don't have to have immense power either.


  • Yea, Courage would seem to fit for me best.

  • In all honestly I would prefer Power. I will rule the land with an Iron Fist!! Obey the fist!!

  • I'd pick Power.  With Power you wouldn't need Courage, and Wisdom gets in the way of enjoying life sometimes...  Plus, Power would be SWEET!

  • @harrison garrison: actually it's be called the quadiforce most likely, and tetra is the descendant of OoT zelda, not a gerudo. She most likely has dark skin because SHE'S A PIRATE WHO SAILS MOST DAYS IN SUNNY TROPICAL WEATHER. But yeah I do think there may be a fourth goddess. and tetra most likely got her name because the triforce is the net of a polyhedron called a tetrahedron. This is something which will probably be confirmed in a later game and then everyone on this forum is like "**** yeah!"

    and i would totally choose courage cuz link has it and its been established that it < than wisdom or power. according to all the game power beats wisdom and courage beats power.

  • Tetraforce is the general term theorists use.  It really just depends on what roots your using.  Thats the difference between quinta and penta, hexa and sexa, and of course quadra and tetra.  And that tetrahedron you speak of is called such because of its four faces.  If one of those faces were to be considered a base with three other faces, then that base would show up on the net as the center, inverted triangle. Personally, I think tetraforce just sounds better anyway, though.

    And of course it wouldn't make much sense for tetra, who was stated to be descended from OoT Zelda, to actually be a gerudo, but the fact that she resembles one, not only in the dark skin but also her personality (independent with little to no respect for those who underestimate her) and livelihood (pirate, as in thief).  And yes it makes sense for her to have dark skin as a result of her time in the sun, but I don not believe we should use that as an excuse to discount other possibilities. I just see it as yet another hint within the games, that resemblance coupled with her name.  And now, after Skyward sword, She seems to resemble that particular Impa even more when you consider her hair, blond I believe.  Recall that I also made a connection between Tetraforce and the Shiekah race (the shadow medallion) and to again reference skyward sword (spoilers?), Impa was a servant of Hylia, a fourth goddess whose existance we now have explicit proof of.  I counted other references to Tetraforce in skyward sword as well, including the shapes used to resell the imprisoned, especially the first time (hint: it's and inverted triangle, and a purple one at that).

    I could go on to describe my theory of how the Shiekah and gerudo were once one tribe, but I think that might cause some brain explosions after the rest of this post lol.  And thanks for splicing my first and last names btw.  "Garrison". Has a nice ring to it ;P

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