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Preferred part of Triforce

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  • ::kablam!!::   (that's my brain exploding)....  maybe I should have picked the Triforce of Wisdom instead....

  • Good post NekuRulez! And I would pick the Triforce of Courage cuz' I don't have any courage!!! :P


    Just so you know . . . I didn't draw this!!!



  • I'd say courage, I'm kinda lacking in that department. Plus Farore is awesome!

  • @harrison garrett: sorry for misspelling i was tired that day. anyway okay i see what you mean and tetraforce does have a better ring to it. but yeah i really think that with all the hinting that's been done nintendo will eventually introduce a forth goddess. my guess: cunning. I don't know what her name will be but I think she will represent cunning. think about it; she's managed to keep her existence unknown for all this time, while at the same time subtly hinting, she most likely has connections with the desert goddess, and the trap you need to get through to get to the temple was cunning, and cunning is a very important trait for a hero, in some cases more so than any of the other three. Perhaps the other three don't know that she is a golden goddess as well, and maybe they thought that Hylia was simply the servant that they appointed to protect Hyrule when in reality she was there sister that they knew nothing of, and she had disguised herself because she did not want her presence to be known yet!

  • OOoo! Nilkad_Naquada! I bet the forth is like a missing link (no pun intended) and the upside down triangle in the middle of the Tri Force. This is actually a pretty good theory. :)



  • Yeah I have a theory that she created Termina on her own after either shunning or being shunned by the other three goddesses (hence the parodic nature of Termina to Hyrule. I believe she may also feel lingering regrets about said shunning, hence the four equal guardian deities, rather than any one being higher than any other) and she felt lingering anger (and as i said regret) toward the three golden goddesses (which is why the triforce is being made a mockery of on certain pillars in Termina Field as well as the moving platforms in the Stone Tower) so she sought to kidnap their hero in their time of need, both to harm them and to test him. To do this she manipulated Skull Kid to steal Majora's Mask and lure Link into Termina. But she lost control of her puppet, and, with her at his mercy, he sought to destroy her and all of Termina by bringing the moon crashing down.   Luckily, Link managed to save Termina and defeat Skull Kid, never realizing that all of this was brought about by the fourth goddess. I have a theory that she may have taken a physical form to help him on his jourrney but will not say who until I have more evidence.

  • This is a hard one... Wisdom would give me good battle advantage but I really only need common sense lol.  Courage can be hard to find sometimes.  With courage you would have no fear but you may make a foolish decision leading to your death.  Power is an understandable choice but you're subject to corruption if you have to much.  I just wanna say all of the above... but I would have to say COURAGE


    The champions come together and a new battle ensues!

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