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Missed Opportunities: Two Enemies That Should Have Made the cut for Skyward Sword

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  • Skyward Sword, to me, was the most challenging Zelda since Majora's Mask. Almost every enemy had some little nuance that had to be exploited in order to be defeated, and with WiiMotion Plus, it made combat more enjoyable. However, with that kind of precision, there are two enemies that should have been included.

    1. Darknut: From the heavy-hitting Iron Knuckles from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, to the epic three-on-one fight between Link and the Darknuts in the Cave of Ordeals from Twilight Princess, fighting these giant knights were always a treat to me. In Skyward Sword, having these enemies as a type of mini-boss would have been enjoyable. I could imagine that, depending on the direction of your slashes, you can hack off corresponding pieces of armor. The removed pieces of armor can than act as self-made weak points that the knight would then start to defend. Then, you can get by the defense the same way one does with Ghiriham.

    2. Dark Link: A one-on-one battle between an opponent that copies your moves with 1:1 controls. This sounds like it could be the ultimate challenge in precision and strategy. Dark Link could retaliate each of your moves with exactly the same move, and your sword patterns will be followed by his. Thrusting at him would only result with him on top of your sword, and slashing away at your head a la Ocarina of Time. In one hand lies his sword, and if you fool him like Ghiriham, than your sword will hit his shield, nullifying your attack. But there in lies the magic, Dark Link is like you. If your shield can break, so can his. If you can prevent him from blocking with his sword and only his shield, that shield will eventually break. Without that shield, he only has his sword. While he can still block with it, he can't keep up if you change the angle of attack quickly enough.

    I know that both these strategies would involve almost the same ones used for Ghiriham's battles, but I couldn't think of a better use for human-shaped characters, and besides, Ghiriham's fights were pretty enjoyable, even if he was a freak. Are there any other enemies that should have been included in Skyward Sword that could have benefited from WiiMotion Plus?

  • That would have been awesome!! Maybe in the next game.

  • You're absolutely right. As much as I liked that game, I feel they missed quite a lot of obvious opportunities.

  • The Dark nuts from TP were impressive purely by a programming stand point. I kept waiting for them in SS too, but they never showed. Missed opportunity.

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