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Top 5 Songs from the whole Zelda Series

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  •  Title speaks for itself, but feel free to actually explain why you picked a song for a certain spot.

    5. Water Temple Theme(OOT)- As "stressful" as people make the water temple out to be, I found this song to actually be very relaxing, and it always prevented me from being frustrated when I was stuck.

    4. Dark World Theme(LTTP)- It's the Dark World theme... that is all I really need to say. But it is catchy as hell, and just straight up awesome.

    3. Overworld Theme (Loz)- Another catchy song. Gets me into the mood to go back and play LoZ again whenever I hear this.

    2. Gerudo Valley theme(OOT)- While I think Gerudo desert is pretty awesome, gerudo valley is just a great example of what it means to be catchy. I can't explain how much I love this song. I'm pretty sure its on everyones top 5.

    1. Forest Temple Theme(OOT)- Seriously, favorite of all time. Not only was the Forest Temple already creepy due to wallmasters and poes, this chilling song really made the mood that much more tense. Love it.


    Honorable mention- Dragon Roost Island Theme, Nocturne of Shadow, Rutella's Theme, Spirit Temple theme, Stone tower temple theme

  • Very Interesting Picks. They are good songs.

  • For me:

    5. Dark World (LTTP)

    4.Sariah's Song

    3. Dragon Roost Island (WW)

    2. Song of Storms (OOT)

    1. Gerudo Valley (OOT)

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