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First Impressions (Warning: Early Game Spoilers)

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  • I just finished my first couple of hours with Skyward Sword and I took a break to eat real quick.  I just wanted to share my thoughts and hear what others think so far.

    Warning!!  There are a few small spoilers from early in the game here.  If you don't want to know, don't read this.

    I have to say, I love this game so far.  The story carries an emotional weight that I haven't seen a Zelda game yet.  I was surprised to see that Zelda isn't a princess. I don't know if that was mentioned before, I usually avoid info on Zelda games before they release.  I really like it, though.  That and the story of how Link and Zelda have know each other since they were young makes them more of equals.  Their relationship is more romantic than in previous titles and that makes losing her in the storm that much more powerful. 

    I love the art style.  I know a lot of people complain about it not being realistic, but honestly, besides Twilight Princess, what Zelda game has a realistic graphic style?  OoT and MM?  If that looks real to you, you have quite the imagination.  But anyway, I love this art style.  The whole world is a painting come to life.  Watching the colors and textures blend into paintstrokes as you move away from them is a beautiful technique.  Not only does it look amazing, but I think it compensates for some of the Wii's lack of power by not having to render too much detail from a distance.  My only complaint is really just a complaint with the Wii itself, and that's that  I would love to have seen this game in HD.  Oh well, maybe we'll get a rerelease for Wii U someday.

    I haven't had much time with the swordplay, yet, but the controls seem amazingly responsive so far.  It took me one try to do all the different types of attacks when I did the training and each one seems super responsice.  The sword moves perfectly in time with the Wiimote.  As for the flying, it a little tough to handle, but I don't think its anything that a little practice won't fix.  The menus are even nice.  Sub screens are all simple, quick point and click, and a snap of the Wiimote changes pages.  If you don't like it, you can just use the stick and A button.

    K, this is taking too much time.  I'm gonna go eat and get back to it.  How is everyone else liking it so far?

  • It's okay, but it's even less Zelda than what we used to get. They covered up a poor game with a branding and tons of lore. If this wasn't Zelda, if this was a game made by somebody else most people wouldn't be so giddy about it.

    The combat can be fun but is more about the developers showing off their work then about actually making the fights engaging. Despite the puzzle elements added to combat A.I. is still poor. You still have stupid moblins and other things in the game. There are challenges but not nearly as , much as I was expecting.

    Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask still contain the most challenging and engaging combat in all of the 3D Zelda's. Zelda II is still the king of intensity and balance with most pre-Wind Waker and nearly all 2D Zelda's being more enjoyable. Except for archery. Archery kicks ass in this game. In fact, everything that would've used the sensor bar before that relies on motion+ kicks all level of ass right now.

    Running is a wonderful addition and item use has been greatly balanced. If you value the story and lore over the adventuring, combat and exploration then you will love this game. It's no 40 hour corridor like many claimed Final Fantasy XIII to be, but for all intent and purposes most of your choice has been taken from you in exchange for a highly curated experience.

    Yes, your items are finally useful for quite a bit outside of the dungeon that you earn them in but it's mainly for puzzles. Puzzles that you have to solve and complete in fairly limited forms instead of being a bit more open ended like some of the earlier games in the series. In the end we're still playing a video game so our choices will be limited, but Nintendo could have at least tried harder. Zelda is not about the puzzles even though it's always had puzzles. Skyward Sword is the cousin of Xenosaga. Instead of watching scripting you're performing it. Unlike Uncharted it's not fun in every instance, or heck most of them.

    Skyward Sword just feels like it is designed for everyone but the actual gamer. If that's true, then everything enjoyable about it is a mistake due to what it was really designed for. The aesthetics are set in a way to admire the work of the artist's, anyone playing or watching can enjoy them. The motions usually are exaggerated but since the enemies and the world aren't highly engaging as a gamer searching for strong, tactile experiences then the motion seems to serve people watching you play more than the actual player itself. No More Heroes is the opposite, the controls are designed for the player and anything fun for exhibitionist's is either an accident or just natural for good games.

    Getting back to the lore, this game is explaining just about everything that makes "The Legend of Zelda" a legend. I definitely have enjoyed following the lore, but that's usually because you get to experience it much more intimately than you do here. Now this point is arguable since it's not a far cry away from other implementations that I've enjoyed - it's just a feeling. Like the red bird you fly, that's the bird on the Hylian shields through the series. This game confirms that there are more than three goddesses in the world and is explaining the bond between the triforce bearers in great detail.

    Yes, this game should be called The Legend of Zelda: The Triforce Bearers. It definitely has more spunk than the Crystal Chronicles game and much more style and substance, but only when compared to that game. Zelda is a 25 year old series, it has simply done better than this and is capable of much more than what it achieves in Skyward Sword. It deserved to be more than the "hardcore" version of Wii Sports, a game designed to show off the controller and gameplay values from the perspective of someone trying to define a group but failing to understand them. Lapsed gamers can enjoy more than just the most basic arcade-like experience and we can enjoy more than gimmicks wrapped around cinematic gameplay and puzzles. I feel insulted again.

    I haven't played Skyrim or Dark Souls yet but they appear to be much more Zelda-like than Zelda. Even Darksider's will be more Zelda-like than Zelda at the rate this series is being watered down and transformed. Nintendo in its' most recent years has been focusing on trying to change the core of what makes its' games enjoyable. It's been doing this despite the reply from the market and from the vocals of gamers yelling at them for years. That's how a company that had the success of the NES, SNES and GameBoy lines could follow all of that up with the Virtual Boy. Nintendo has proven that they still have this mentality with the release of the 3DS and the upcoming Wii-U as being the follow-ups to the Wii and DS. It's highly insulting to be treated so openly and rudely like a pawn. The flippant dismissal of Project Rainfall and this game are the last straw. I'm not stupid, they're not getting my time or attention in anything new until they go back to respecting and serving their customers.

    This Zelda wouldn't be an issue if they explored this through spin-offs while still furthering the development of the original architecture but they don't in most cases. The Super Mario Bros. series is about platforming, player choice, and exploration in a land filled with tons of content that demands a balance of intelligence and reflexive gameplay for enjoyment. Super Mario 64 and company is about traveling with platforming with minimal amounts of exploring. Instead it heavily focuses on goals and reusing or strongly metering out content. These are two different games. That is fine, they still develop both. They don't develop both Zelda's anymore and I'm pissed off.

    It's such a sadness that Nintendo abandoned a strong game architecture just so that they could focus on a new one that is obviously more fun for the developers to make than it is for the players to enjoy. Look at what they developed, they got to go crazy and test out whatever they wanted. They probably skipped to work and song merrily everyday. They don't have to hate their jobs, but they didn't have to abandon true Zelda and the people that once revered and respected Nintendo deeply.

  • Im sorry Im a life long Zelda fan and I have to say that this game has the worst controls of any Zelda game. Or of most games in general. Once you think you have the sword play down, it just bites you in the ass again. I just finished the first temple. The puzzles were ok but the controls were such crap. I know that the game was to show what the motion plus could really do but the game is to dependent on this and this is what holds it back . Im sorry but so far not impressed. I was hoping so much. But......meh....

  • I hate to say it but i agree that this game is a major disappointment for the Zelda series. The swordplay is shoddy, the WM+ constantly needs to be reconfigured as opposed to using the sensor bar, and Link's legendary look, the epitomy of all garb, was just some summer colored uniform.

        I do, however, LOVE the new story

  • agreed my motion plus has to always be reset. but the tory is good. i like how they explained links outfit being a uniform. but i hate the back tracking

  • I LOVE the story!! i don't really like the controls but.... they are ok sometimes... ya

  • I can't stand the controls, but the story is great for a zelda game.

  • It's the best Zelda yet. Is it my favorite? No. But that's nostalgia talking. It combines everything great about the last 25 years of zelda into a singular package of enjoyment. If this is your first Zelda, it's going to end up being your favorite of you go back to play the others. Skyward Sword feels like the culmination of the zelda tradition set in place in the very first game and cemented in A Link to the Past. I have a feeling it's going to be the last console Zelda where we collect 3 objects in the first part of the game, in other words, and I could be wrong, I feel as if it's the send off before the next great innovation in Zelda history. The game is gorgeous and has a brilliant soundtrack. The environments are filled to the brim with challenges and outside of the sky, there's not much empty space. People complain about the backtracking, but what they don't say is that when backtracking, you explore ENTIRELY new areas in addition to the ones you've been to before. It has the most efficient controls, although there is a slight learning curve for some people, and eliminates menu management in the middle of exploration. Everything is very intuitive and just feels right. The game is indeed the most difficult 3D zelda to date, which is a welcome thing.

    I have only 1 and 1/2 complaints about the game, but they're so minor they're not worth bringing up. This game is truly as good as it gets. Don't whine, give in and love it, enjoy it for what it is. If this is your first zelda and you go back to play the older ones, I have a feeling this one will remain your favorite.

    Signatures are dumb.


  • Personally, I think that like TP, Skyward Sword, though it's a great game, is another zelda that doesn't quite make the lofty cut the series is known. I honestly don't think that's just nostalgia talking.

    I enjoyed the new combat engine and the originality it brought to the table, but the truth is more was possible under tp's. Not to mention, that engine was much more precise[sorry, I'm usually the first to defend for motion controls, but the stab is bad].

    Then there's the world and side mission structure, compared to WW or MM they're a joke. Even the day and night mechanics got toned down. This title may be the most linear Zelda ever made.

    And lastly the story. Certainly, it had it's moments. The best zelda[character] since Ocarina, Groose and Ghirahim were also very good. But, there's just this cartoony sense that wasn't there before, the sci fi elements and the thing with demise feel comparable to 'midichlorians' to me. I didn't want to know that, and I really wish that could be written out now.

    On the bright side, boss battles are a real step up, some of the best in all gaming. And I thought I'd hate how siplified the dungeons were, but I actually enjoyed them quite a bit.

    Over all, it's a good game.

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