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Want to hook up with fellow adventurers in search of Drake's fortune? Leap in and see what action awaits as members discuss game secrets, strategies, and relive the series' big moments.

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    You now hold a powerful position in Sony's prestiges studio Naughty Dog. What would you do beyond the release of Uncharted 4? A Last of Us sequel? Maybe a Crash or Jak and Daxter reboot? Perhaps you have a unique idea for a new IP to develop. Whatever you desire to make I want you to try to pitch...
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    What do you think of all the Naughty Dog employees leaving? Is there something internal we are unaware of? Will Uncharted PS4 be as good as we all hope? Or is there absolutely nothing to worry about? I would love to hear what you think and look forward to sharing my own thoughts.
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    I see there hasn't been much activity in this group, so as a new member I'd like to spark some life into it again. The first official video for Uncharted on PS4 was just released about a month ago, and I'm curious to hear what most of you would want to see in the new Uncharted game. Do you...
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