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Want to hook up with fellow adventurers in search of Drake's fortune? Leap in and see what action awaits as members discuss game secrets, strategies, and relive the series' big moments.

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  • Forum Post: What is Your Favorite Chapter in the Uncharted series.

    Trying to breathe some life into this Group. I'm really interested in what other fan's favorite chapter might be. So please post and read and comment on others posts. My personal favorite chapter is Chp. 14: Tunnel Vision from Uncharted 2. Second would be Chp 1: A Rock and a Hard Place also from...
  • Forum Post: I got an important Question.

    Ok I've almost beaten Uncharted 2, but I got a problem I need help with. How do you beat Lavarovic?! I need help!!!!!
  • Forum Post: Saturday Octobor 16 (The Best of The Leb)

    (For one day only) the playlist will rotate through the following gametype variations> Stotguns Only Plunder Pistols Only No Power Weapons Desert-5 Shootout Deathmatch-No Booters For more go to All comments are helpful so...
  • Forum Post: Who's up for some Uncharted 2 multiplayer?

    Lately i have really gotten into Uncharted 2's multiplayer, why it took me so long I'll never know maybe it was because my internet sucked when it come out, or maybe it was because I didn't expect much from it who knows? Anyway among my favorite modes is survival, but i get tired of playing...
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