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What Type of lego set?

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  • would you rather have more lego sets that are buildings, but not expensive. OR. More cheep little vehicles and action figure style sets?

    I would like to see lego make cheeper buildings to buy, because i'm making a lego city. All it has is a bank and a trret, because all the lego sets are overprised for building a city. Or even if you want a random mis-mash of sets for a universe there should be cheeper sets with buildings.

    Whats your opinion?

  • I have a pretty well developed Lego City right now too, and I can surely say that buildings (fairly priced ones) are the coolest. It give you more of a feeling of power looking over your cityscape. Cool for copying superhero movies too with Lego Batman and Superman. I like vehicles, but eventually, they reach their limit for play. I may sound girly here, but playing with your town has more possibilities.

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