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Summon your courage, grab your trusty weapon, and cue the theme music - there is treasure and glory on the horizon. For those with wanderlust and a penchant for solving mysteries, this is your destination.

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    When I want to get my Zelda news as soon as it appears I usually visit a Zelda Fan site. Some of them are awful, and rarely update, some of them are great and update daily with either news or fan art, projects, and game guides, and some of them, although a great news source, have obnoxious or unprofessional...
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    The Triforce is one of gaming's greatest symbols. But which part do you want: Power, Courage, or Wisdom? Tell me in the comments below. I would take Wisdom, since I can ace every test AND use magic AND turn into a someone else like Zelda did in Ocarina of Time.
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