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Summon your courage, grab your trusty weapon, and cue the theme music - there is treasure and glory on the horizon. For those with wanderlust and a penchant for solving mysteries, this is your destination.

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  • Forum Post: LoZ has been fully voiced in the past.

    I know we all have our opinions on whether or not a Zelda game can or should use voice actors, and a think I found a good argument for the pro-voice side of the argument. I stumbled across some info that I didn't know before, and was curious if anyone else did. There are ALREADY official Nintendo...
  • Forum Post: Symphony of the Goddess

    Who's gone? Who's planning on going? Anyone else as excited for it as I am?! If you have seen it already, lemme know how great it was, or if there were some bad things about it. If you haven't seen it but are planning on it, lemme know what your thoughts are! I'm going to the Symphony...
  • Forum Post: Ideas for new LoZ items

    Recently, I entered a photoshop contest over at to come up with a new item for link. Of course, I entered and gave it my best. Here was the original photo of Aonuma. The object of the contest was to photoshop a new item into the picture. Here are my entries along with my descriptions...
  • Forum Post: How many Zelda's did you beat?

    There are 13 zelda games, excluding all those four swords games. So tell me this: How many zelda games did you beat? I beat 10 of them.
  • Forum Post: zelda E3

    Found on Zeld Universe. Okay this year at E3 which is held June 15th through June the 17th, instead of Microsoft on the floor on the first day like last year, it's Nintendo who will be on the floor on the first day this year. They'll be talking about the future oof the 3DS, and about the Vitality...
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