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Undead Nightmare info?

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  • I wanted to play Red Dead Redemption, but the rating was a bit too bad as far as what was listed. When the Undead Nightmare was announced I wanted to play it even more, but with Undead Nightmare being released on disc it gave me hope. Anybody who has played Undead Nightmare does it have any nudity or anything like that? Cause I heard the full game does.




  • idk about nightmare but the main game itself has around 12 seconds of p covered sex.

  • First of all, isn't the game only availible for download? Second..... I reccomend that you shouldn't even DEAL with Red Dead Redemption or ANY game that has to deal with it. There will be other games in the future that will be better than this. Chances are, those that are forcing you not to play Red Dead Redemption are either obsessive, over clingy shut-ins, or they're doing it for your own good. Either way, save up some money and buy Bioshock Infinite or COD: Black Ops :D

    Benjamin Strong

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