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Achievement: Most Wanted

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  • In both the online and offline, your bounty doesn't actually go away once it greys out: just commit another crime and you will restart it (in the offline this may require leaving a town and letting it's lawmen respawn).

    To stop it from greying out while you are waiting to build upto 10 minutes, just whistle for your horse, which alerts the cops that you are still there. If it does grey totally out, you will need to do some killing though.

    When trying for the offline achievements re: Wanted/bounty level, you can even kill off a wave of cops or evade them long enough to grey out your bounty, and then save. That way if you get killed at like 2200$ you can just start again from whatever point you saved at. When I did it I just saved once half way through.


    When trying to do this in a big group, we just switched off who was gathering bounty at a given time: about 2-3 at a time should be able to get their bounty at 1K+ without too much trouble at Escalera.

    Armadillo is one of the best locations in terms of having a steady, manageable source of law, the downside being its rather open to attack from other players. At any rate, the Armadillo saloon, with just 1-2 others in the posse is where I suggest trying for the Outlaw II: Posse challenges (where all members have to reach a certain bounty level).


    The Most Wanted achievement is indeed soloable as it's not getting the bounty or keeping the law off that's the difficulty, just keeping other players off. If you're lucky like me, you can just get on a mostly empty or empty public server (which is easier for me, being in the Alaska TZ).

    Either way I suggest Escalera, as you can pretty much autopilot it there if you have an empty server, and it provides good cover from other players on a more busy server. If you get on a populated server, you will need a party to make it happen-> however if you got on a low pop server you could just try to posse up with others, who are also likely looking for that achievement. It would seem that the majority of the RDR community is still after that one.

    Anyway if anyone wants to look me up on RDR (Live), my gamertag is the same as my name here. Always up for lending a hand or just terrorizing the locals.



  • thanks alot when my cusin gets his copy on tuesday we are gona get all of them thanks you your advice

  • Empty server seems key.  Another problem Sacco and I were having.  We'd find a server with 1 other person.  Within 2 minutes the server was full!  I think I'll try the "Imadillhole" saloon next time.  Thanks again akbirdman.  Expect a friend request from me sometime today.

  • try el presido next time warbuff i was there a few hours ago theres a gatling gun and a canon pointing at the main road leading to the gate if you had 2 or 3 guys you could easily get most wanted together

  • The problem with El Presidio is that it has 2 gates, and several spots where you can hop over the walls. When I was bounty hunting I was able to single handedly collect bounties from each member of a posse of 5-6. At a few points I was able to actually breach the walls (most of the bounties were collected with dynamite or sniping).

    Likewise, when I went there in Outlaw posses, none of my party members who needed were able to get Most Wanted, as El P is too hot and open a target.

    It is a good place to go and have fun just having posse v posse gang wars. Also I go there alot when I'm just trying to rack up another Public Enemy wanted level for that challenge, as it is fun to try to repel attackers with the various cannons. The problem is that many of the cannons (or all) are pretty susceptible to sniper fire, which is another reason I don't think it's great for the Most Wanted 'chievo.



  • good point but if you get in an empty free roam and have 1 guy watching the back and 1 guy watching the front your fine. also what does every one think of of the chuparosa, you know that big building? if you get on top theres a room and a good sniping post. i got a 2k bounty there a bit ago it worked pretty well.

  • Yeah Chuparosa is nice. There are plenty of good spots for building bounty, MacFarlane's ranch is also good; however the fort at Escalera remains the one spot I know of with only one door.

    If you can get on an empty server, really any place is good- though I'd tend away from rooftops where you can't easily go down a level and summon your horse (as making a clean getaway is key).

    And of course, on a populated server, 1-2 people with nothing better to do can collect bounties from nearly any location, though Escalera is the one place I've been able to hold off invaders nearly indefinitely.

    Wherever you are doing this, it's much better to have someone not going for Most Wanted on defense; all it takes is one sniper's bullet to end you, whatever rooftop you may be on.

    Many people working on this, or who have Public Enemy status in general, forget that they can kill assailants all day and not deter them: the attackers only have to kill you once to collect a bounty on you (ie it's better to turtle than snipe).



  • hey what about rathskeller? that little outpost in the northwest only 2 main buildings and 2 ways in 2 or 3 people could hold out for a Long time get the acheivments and im pretty sure theres a box of ammo and dead eye refill there as well... ill go check that out right now.

  • Rath is good and out of the way, the problem there is depending on your level it can be difficult to get much action going (for me at 40 the smaller settlements don't give me a bounty often times).



  • you could come from a town with them chasing you that would solve that problem...

  • Indeed, also I didn't notice that issue until lvl 30, so...



  • hey i was at escalara and your wrong there are two gates. i also found a way to get legendary fast do pikes basin over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over....

  • There are two gates sure, but one is for decoration only (ie the doors don't open), therefore there is functionally one door. Of course when you start your spree, you'd have to clear out any John Law already in the fort. Also they occasionally glitch over the wall next to the gate with their horses, and the can spawn "out back" (on the opposite side of the main building from where the gate is).

    And yeah, Pike's gives the best xp, however I find Tera Azul to be better for soloing (you can run it twice in the time it takes to do Pike's once).

    The best route to fast xp is doing Pikes with at least 6 peeps, and having 2 people go to each bomb site to clear. A full party is ideal though, because you can leave the extra 2 peeps up on the Eastern cliffs overlooking the basin to clear the adds that spawn up there (and they can snipe to give cover fire to the bomb sites).



  • i think solomons folly might be the best for solo.

  • yeah, if you're on PS3 ;)


    Also not sure on the xp on that one, but TA is good both because it's easy and it gives more xp than the other easier hideouts like Twin Rock.



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