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Achievement: Most Wanted

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  • Most Wanted: Become a Public Enemy for 10 minutes and escape alive in a public Free Roam session.

    To anyone who has earned this achievement/trophy, any advice for a greenhorn still trying to earn it?


    I found a nice 2 story rooftop in Blackwater that only has 1 ladder leading up to it.  A good vantage point allows me to pick off enemies at a distance.  The roof is rather large so if I take fire from one side I can just roll backwards and break line of sight with anyone on the ground.  The big plus is Blackwater doesn't have any challenges so no real person ever comes and bothers me.

    The snag I've been hitting is ammo supply.  By the time I reach a $1000 bounty I've spent most ammo for one weapon type.  A few minute later and all I have left is shotgun ammo and throwing knives.  I can slide down the ladder and grab ammo but getting back in the roof alive is impossible; the ladder is too long.


    I could easily work on my strategy some more.  Maybe try a different location but since we have a Red Dead group I thought I'd enlist everybody's help.


  • I've yet to shoot for this achievement, but funny how you describe your method, the one time I've gone and created havoc I did the exact same thing XD

  • Rank up so you have full ammo for all of it.

  • You got the right idea Warbuff, I got this achievement using the same location. Yeah you might want to rank up so you have full ammo, especially for your rifles. Some other helpful tips would be to try and do this with some friends willing to help out. They could offer support against law enforcement and most importantly other players who will go after you. This is why before hand try and find a public party with no one in it, just you and your friends. If anyone joins have a friend vote to veto that person. It's a *** thing to do sure but hey why take any chances. Hope this helps.

  • Grrrr, just tried getting this with AMSacco.  Apparently people in free roam are awfully bored.  As soon as we'd get a sliver of wanted level everybody and their mother would come to blackwater and harass us.  It was fun watching Sacco chase a posse of 6 guys out into the plains.

  • So yea, I just attempted this for the first time last night... tried 3 times with the exact same result every time. Around the 8 minute mark, a player bubble comes into the vicinity. All 3 times I managed to take out the player(s), but in doing so I left my flank open for just that one second for a named lawman to 2 shot me in the back... oooooh so frustrating. I was doing it solo every time though... anyone wanna set a time to try and get this done for realsies?

  • Maybe one of these days you can try with me and warbuff.  Like he said we tried, but once some losers killed me, that was it.  I was hunting them down like a hawk and wrecked them.  But it seems to keep happening, it's like once we hit a 1000 people teleport to us.  I especially hate the kids who sit on the hills with the rolling block.  Ughhhhh.

  • I think you really need a plan for this achievement, worse part is, it's only 10 points!  I mean it seems as if you have to do this 1 person at a time.  Have some friends stand outside the town and rip the law enforcement apart.  

    Or come to think of it, have everyone go for it, with the max of 8 people it should be easy to rip the law enforcement apart and make a getaway.

  • My favorite spot is in the fort at the top of the hill at Escalera: there's only one gateway entrance into the fort area (where de Santa and Sanchez operate out of in the story).

    You get a nice trickle of John Law coming in, and players can only get direct access through that one point. You have to watch for snipers of course.

    If you do this in a free roam lobby with moderate or low population you can do it with a small posse of 3-4. To up your chances of each getting the achievement, you should have only 1-2 people trying for the achievement at once and have the others on roaming defense. Obviously if things get too heated, its better to wait things out a bit before making your break for it.

    This spot is also nice because you can get ammo (mostly revolvers and repeaters) easily enough from the dead Lawmen closest the gate.

    The Escalera spot is my fave for doing the Most Wanted achievement, Armadillo is my favorite however for most of the other Outlaw Challenges, particularly the ones for high bounty/high posse bounties. Usually in that case I hide on the saloon's roof until about 800$ bounty and then take it to the second story inside the saloon. This causes lawmen to slowly come inside, providing ammo for revolvers and pistols, and occasionally shotguns.

    If you get a server with few enough people you can go for the achievement alone, probably in any town, although again Escalera or Armadillo seems best for me.

    I also got the Friends In High Places and Southbound on a White Bronco achievements (single player) in Armadillo, using the Saloon as a base. Blackwater didn't seem to have enough easy to hit targets, and the police don't slowly swarm into a building in Blackwater like they do in Armadillo. This means ammo is more of an issue, and means building a bounty takes longer. Granted the rooftops in Blackwater grant the best protection from the Law, but its kind of a two way street in that decent targets are limited.

    Also, as far as ammo goes, in attempting to get the Most Wanted achievement, you only need a bounty of 1000, which is easily attainable with reasonably stocked ammo. You can get 1000 and then just post up for 10 minutes and then make your getaway (you need to evade the law and any (npc) posses that follow). This means in a well protected spot, you don't need to kill very many cops. Then again, if you have that Outlaw challenge, it takes easily 10 mins to get your bounty up to 5000, so you could get the 5000 then make your break for it.

    For me the law was really the smallest part of getting the achievement; finding a reasonably peaceful server is key. Even with a large posse, it can be hard to keep a constant attack from just 1-2 people with dynamite from bringing you and yours to justice. The fort at Escalera is nice because assailants outside of the wall will have a hard time getting dynamite in range (snipers are a bit of an issue, but you're in a walled off area on a hill, so if you don't go peering out over a ledge, you're mostly covered).



  • Great tips Akbirdman, kudos.

  • @Akbirdman

    You sir, have just made this extremely easier.  Thanks for the tips.

  • Now I know where to do it, all in need is help.  You can't solo this right?

     check out my blog!


    Rainheart, I'll never forget you.

  • i tryed to do that last night with a guy at chuparosa we both had around 2000 dollar bountys about to make our escape when a guy started sniping from across the plain.... ill have to try the fort later.

  • @ Sacco

    My concern for trying this with a full posse is available targets.  As akbirman said, law kind of trickles in.  So with a full posse everyone would have to be on the same page that only a select few get to shoot the law while the rest ward off random players.


    AHA!  I didn't know I could just hide once I become a public enemy.  I thought it was the same as being wanted and would slowly tick down if I wasn't actively killing.  Sacco and I will definitely try the fort next time.

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