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These Achievements are pissing me off...

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  • I love this game, I wouldn't have joined this group if I didn't... however, I think the achievements are pretty obtuse (stupid) IMO.  My friend agrees with me.  What kind of challenge is $10,000?  Let alone, "High Roller" my least favorite achievement. I hate poker, now I have to actually play the crap game till I get 2,000 chips?  The only time I got close to getting 2,000 was "Lucky in Love". 

    Does anyone else share a hatred of at least one achievement? 

    I know this is my first pots in this group, but don't get me wrong, I love this game... it's my most favorite game in a long time.

  • I certainly recall having some frustrating sessions trying to get the achievement for surviving 10 minutes as most wanted in a free-roam AND getting away... probably 7 or 8 failed attempts before I nailed that one... and got it in the craziest way.

    Rather than pick a defensive position and hole up, you know what finally worked for me? Went out into the plains outside of Blackwater, the wide open plains, no cover... and just kept killing lawmen as they showed up on horse. Kill 5, 10, 15... and then there was usually a lull where I was able to collect their ammo - do it all over again.

    But yea, I can see the frustration in the gambling achievements... I'm no gambler, never play card games or anything, ever... but I sat down and figured out the rules, got it done in short order *shrug* I think they're all pretty doable.

  • I got high roller on the mission where you have to play it, i think it's the one you were talking about. I may not even try for 100 percent in this game...

  • Man, I can't get enough of playing poker. I've done pretty well in that department, although I haven't tried aiming for the bigger achievements related to it yet.

    If I have any problems with a certain achievement, it's probably the timed challenges. Otherwise, everything else is a joy.

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