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The Most justifiable Wrong thing have you ever done?

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  • The first time I came across an ambush on the side of the road I had no idea what to expect, next thing I know I'm being riddled with bullets. So I rode far enough away to pick off the bandits, then rode back to collect from their bodies.

    That is when I saw the lady who was with them, crouched next to the stagecoach, pleading with me to let her go.

    So I tied the b!#ch up, threw her on the back of my horse and rode out to the nearest railroad tracks. I laid her on the tracks and waited for the train to come.  

  • Getting the $5000 dollar bounty achievement was pretty fun holing up in Armadillo as bounty hunters came after me.

    I remember one time when I was in Blackwater and I was playing Poker, and I clean out the other games after like half an hour of playing. For some reason when I left I didn't get any of the money and they were all sitting there like it didn't happen. A few slips of dynamite and a firebottle go a long way when blowing up a Poker game.

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