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DLC ideas/hopes **Possible SPOILER ALERT**

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  • What would anyone like to see in DLC for RDR beyond the upcoming Outlaws 'til the End ?

    What ideas would you like to see worked into a sequel?

    Personally I'd like to see some single player DLC focusing on the exploits of Irish before he meets Marston.

    I'd like to see Jack get some more story after the end of the single player campaign as it stands, but perhaps his story could be better told in a sequel (not sure if there's enough to work with there or not).



  • i would like a mini mission set for jack (around half of RDR set in the same universe with 1 new region around the size of west elizabeth circulating around him killing agent rosses assistant and his boss who really ordered the killings) and call it Red Dead Retribution

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