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Let's Talk About the Story **Spoiler Alert**

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  • Time for a spoiler filled discussion with people who have finished the game. Please take this as a warning if you haven't beaten the game please get your horse in gear and beat it before reading any further.

    So what did you guys think of the story? It's really quite simple, just find and kill three men, with a little extra of protecting your family. I really enjoyed how it all played out.

    Though John gets screwed over alot in this game. A big chunk of the game is literally, "will you please tell me where I can find [name] so I can kill him?" " Oh don't worry I will, I just need you to do another errand for me." However, I didn't mind this too much, but it did start to get annoying towards the end.

    Who else was surprised to not see credits rolling after killing Dutch and returning to your family? I certainly was. But I liked how it went back to being like the first part of the game where you're just herding cattle and simple stuff like that. All leading to the crazy ending where John is killed. My jaw was on the floor during this mostly because I was scared R* was going to pull a Fallout 3 on me and make the game unplayable after the ending. Thankfully they didn't as you end up being a grown up Jack.

    I'm happy with how the Ross mission was just a Stranger mission. Jack wouldn't know automatically where to find him, so it makes it more realistic for him to find out from a stranger. After putting an entire clip into Ross's head, then is when the credits roll. Revenge is sweet!

    I thought this was a very clever ending and I think R* is getting better and better with their storytelling.

  • It was a good ending and I enjoyed the storyline.  My only issue is...I don't like Jack Marston, I would like to play as John again.  To some extent I wanted John to live, I think maybe they could of made 2 endings depending on your honor or some other factor.  Either way, it was a great game, and I enjoyed the whole thing.

  • I loved the ending. It was funny, when John was gunned down by Ross and his crew I was furious and right away hated how everything was wrapping up. I was expecting some kind of dramatic conclusion but nothing like that. Then you switch over to Jack and instantly I knew I'd get sweet revenge. Sure enough I got it. After killing Dutch, doing some missions with John's family, which were nice because I felt I connected and learned more about them, then with John's death, and finally Jack growing up and killing Ross, it was all excellent.

    And I also wanted to add who else noticed in the final confrontation with the guy from the I Know You stranger mission that John and that guy are standing in the spot where John's grave ends up being. I think the IKY guy even says "This looks like a good spot." That was really cool.

  • Never noticed that, thanks for the pointing that out.

  • Anthony Sacco:
    My only issue is...I don't like Jack Marston, I would like to play as John again.

    I didn't care for Jack either at first. After a while though I got used to him. Once you get the Twins gang outfit, Jack looks just like John. But you still don't get the great voice acting that came from John.

  • You're not kidding about the voice acting.  I especially hate when he goes YEE-HAW on the horse.  That's so annoying.

  • i hate the voice acting as well. i just finished games amazing, who else here thinks there going to do another with jack? i really hope they do have him hunt down the people above ross (some kind of dramtic twist where it turns out he was just following orders and there was some kind of higher man behind it)

  • One of the best parts, and a part which everyone I talk to brings up, was when you first get to Mexico and the song Far Away plays and all the sudden the vocals kick in. For most of the rest of the game the music is all pretty stark, so when the first song with lyrics (and decent ones at that; or apropos at anyrate) hits, it feels like a pretty significant moment.

    Anyway the story for me was a classic "all ends against the middle" Western, with some pretty moving moments and some good foreshadowing as you near the end.

    Also I'd have to say that it's fairly obvious that Jack (at this stage) pales as a character in comparison to his father, but then his story hasn't been fully told yet, and he's still got some years to get some bass in his voice. And while his voice is annoying as-is, they did do a nice job of using someone that sounds like a more nasally/pitchy John.




    Yeah I'd noticed the location of the last IKY as well. Given what the man says at the end, and the fact that John empties his revolver into him with no effect, I'd have to posit that the man was Death, or perhaps the Devil. Some agent of fate at any rate.



  • i noticed that as well not that you mentioned it.... to be fair it is the turn of the century so it is possible that he was wearing a bullet proof jacket? i guess we will find out in the sequel... but wait that guy said he had a son.... that means God?

  • The only time when being an errand boy got to me was down in Mexico...

    "I don't care all you Mexican (leaders) are liars and cheats, you're all full of ***, and you're going to string me along for 20 effing missions for a fake revolution I don't care about!"

    Nice scenery though.



  • it got to me when i walked in on that guy remeys *** that peasant girl i mean wtf i really have to come in at the exact moment to watch this ugly *** get laid?

  • I'll have to agree with you there, I thought that was stupid.  There was none of that in the whole game why even bother chucking it in the game at that point.  Btw, someone want to refresh my memory on the I know you stranger mission, let's just say I read the book on it but I never got around to doing it before I finished the game.

  • The Man sends you off on several quests which are all tests of morality and can be accomplished a few ways (usually one "good" one "bad").

    Then at the last encounter, The Man is standing at a site overlooking Beecher's Hope (aka the Marston ranch) and says "this looks like a nice spot."

    Marston then demands (again) to know who The Man is and how he knows of John's life and goings-on, The Man remains elusive as ever. Then Marston yells "*** you!" at The Man, The Man replies "Many have." Then John unloads his revolver into The Man, and nothing happens: the bullets don't pass through, they are not absorbed or deflected, they just hit nothing when they by all rationality should be hitting the man. This is not body armor or a wood-stove door*, this is something supernatural.  

    *see Fist Full of Dollars


    Speaking of FF$ and wood-stove doors, I would have been rather pleased to see a reference to Eastwood's improvised armor in RDR. Maybe just a cutscene.


    As to the encounter with Reyes A) that's R* all day, and B) it does kind of pin the final nail in the coffin as to Marston's estimation of Reyes' character. Before that you get the feeling that he's a philanderer and a liar, but that moment proves it. 

    I was more "upset," or put off by the way they introduce the female rebel character, just to kill her off with no real meaning, although again it just sets up the sense that John's in caught up in a facil revolution.



  • Wow, that I know you quest was weird then.  Maybe DLC will show what will happen?  

  • it is possible that it was God or the Devil since either one of them would provide morality tests and either one of them as been damned

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