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Sure GTA is fun, but you want a little more open-endedness in your open world. You understand the pleasures of decking out your pad in tiger stripes and streaking through the neighborhood with a bazooka strapped to your back. Welcome home.

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  • Forum Post: Hate/Love Relationship achievement suggestion....

    I already have 47/50 achievements for Saints Row: The Third. And I've completed the story at 100% and the assassination missions. So what's the best way to go about getting the taunt/compliment 50 gang members achievement if I already have all of the territories?
  • Forum Post: Should Saints Row stick with over the top action?

    Should Saints Row try to take a more serious theme, or stick with its crazy over the top action? What would be best? I like the crazy action, but I still find GTA 4 more fun. Mabye Saints Row should try something more realistic.
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