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You're a sneaky person. You've snaked your way through terrorist infested islands and helped save the world from nuclear annihilation countless times. Don't just sneak around these message boards. It's time to be heard.

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  • Forum Post: Favorite cut-scene or moment in the series ?

    Well, mine when Solid Snake went toe- to -toe with Grey Fox.
  • Forum Post: Metal Gear Solid: RISING -finally reveal at VGA 2011

    Breaking news coming in !!! The Metal Gear Solid Developers finally revealed when you are going to find out the whole truth about MGS: RISING. Aaaaaaaand it is set to be revealed at the VGAs 2011 on December the 10th, so mark your calender because the reveal will be a special ocassion to every MGS-fan...
  • Forum Post: Which is your favorite MGS cut-scene?

    As great as all previous MGS were, I am only able to bring to mind the climactic scenes from 4. It's always the finale that keeps people talking for years. *SPOILERS AHEAD* ... ... ... The death of Naomi, and her video message from beyond the grave. The whole exit from Shadow Moses - Raiden getting...
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