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Is the Series Really Over?

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  • Raiden's Solo entry into the series will keep the series going for a while. What I am sure people want to see is MGS Ground Zeroes and MGS 5. What I have heard of it from Kojima is that it could be the Boss's snake unit in the Gulf War or something like that.

  • The Gulf War and the whole Zanzibar rebellion would be awesome to see. It'd also tie into the focus on Guantanmo Bay's rise too from the footage. Yeah, basically Raiden is there to fill time. I'm sure it'll be fun, but like it's name, it isn't supposed to be MGS. It may create some sweet connections to 5, though. I don't know if it'd happen, but will we see Solid Snake "cured" through cyborg implants?. . . I can totally imagine a Terminator Snake showing up in a secret ending in Rising. . .

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