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MGS5, an educated guess

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  • Spoilers Ahead-

    I just got done with mgs4, and was rather surprized to find out snake didn't die! I was very releaved Kojima didn't make me watch the old hero off himself, but it got me thinking. Who could be the star of mgs4?

    I know it seems like it has to be Raiden, but he's starring in that rising game. It seems odd he'd be the star of that and mgs5. Could snake be in mgs5?

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  • In truth, there are 4 possible hero choices for mgs5-

    Solid snake


    big boss

    new guy

    Big Boss is the least likely, due to the psp games. Raiden isn't as likely as he could be due to the rising game. Solid snake is likely for a variety of reasons though. I mean the next game in the series could also be a back in time like mgs3. It could be a remake of one or both of the originals. I'd say a new person entirely would be the next more likely, since the solid series is so wrapped up with 4, the next one would have to breed its own conflicts. Which goes hand and hand with a new hero.

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  • Actually, I never take those Kojima quotes seriously. He claimed both MGS2 and 3 were the end of the series, but he just keeps going. I'm just saying I wouldn't believe snakes gone or the series is over until I see it with my own eyes.

    Anyways, I still don't really like raiden, sure hes a cyborg ninja now, but underneath hes still the same whiny loser. Does not have what it takes to fill snakes shoes as a hero character. Oh and don't dismiss the possibilty the new guy would be a snake doppleganger, they did it for mgs3. One of the genome soldiers for instance[although I'm really hoping its not johnny, and it is likely...].

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  • Big Boss, Solid Snake, and Raiden are possible.  I'm hoping it's a prequel with Big Boss.

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  • Note, that i haven't played peace walker and haven't played any of the games in a while but i still remember a good deal of the story... so please forgive me if i might be wrong with some information

    Well there's already gonna be Ground Zeroes starring Big Boss, and that is supposed to serve as a sequel to peace walker but also a prologue to another game in the series...  given the name Ground Zeroes (indicating that it's the seed of where something began) it could be the start of a new story line perhaps to flush out the story of Big Boss leading up to the creation and uprising of the Les Enfants Terribles project, though i feel like they've pretty much told his story through out the series... but maybe there's more we don't know about. So maybe Ground Zeros will set the ground for MGS5 to be starred by Big Boss.

    For Raiden to star MGS5, though it may seem possible being that Rising is taking the initiative to progress the story in terms of whats happened to the world after Guns of the Patriots, i feel like it's it's own thing that has branched off sort of like a side mission in a game... if i can say that.

    Snake being the star is kind of a 50/50 chance i feel, cause Guns of the Patriots pretty much closed up Snakes chapter it seems with Ocelot dead, Outer Heaven destroyed along with the whole Patriots network, Big Boss and Zero dead as well, and pretty much everyone that was standing in his way dealt with, there doesn't seem like there's anything left to for him to fight. As Big Boss said "It's time for you to start living your life, not as a snake but as a man". On the other hand he still has the FOX-Die that could potentially be a threat and so maybe they have to deal with keeping a lid on it to prevent a world wide epidemic.

    And as for a new hero that wouldn't be a bad idea to consider like Romars said; maybe it could be a whole new story with it's own set of conflicts which would go hand in hand with a new protagonist sort of how The Legend of Zelda is with different stories and universes with each game. And perhaps it somewhat ties in with the Solid Series as it where to be called, but im just anxious to play Rising so i can find out how much it has to do with the previous titles.

    To conclude, i feel like there's much tossed in the air right to tell (lots of speculation but not enough information of course) but if i had to make a guess i would say Big Boss as well.

  • I'm not sure if Rising really matters for the MGS series. I think they're doing Rising just so Raiden can have another game and NOT interfere with Snake's story. Ocelot's probably pretty dead like you say (as dead as dead can be in MGS), and they need a new villain.

    I believe it's guaranteed that Snake is gonna be in it, but what KIND of Snake is the question. It might be that they create another Snake hybrid with a different sub-name. Gaseous anyone? (LOL)

    With Ground Zeroes, it's an excuse to have Big Boss around by just having it as a period piece in the past. They don't have to contradict his death in 4 at all but still keep expanding him. Looking forward to it!

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