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Favorite Game in the Series

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  • Hope i'm not alone in saying Peace Walker. I love them all but founding Outer Heaven with Miller  is just such an awesome experience.

    Sending out mercenaries and developing new weapons adds so much replay value, not to mention the scores of audio tapes which range from educational to a detailed fleshing out of the characters.

    Plus you get this fatherly vibe from Big Boss which I just find awesome.

    Then you get to make your own Metal Gear, fight dinosaurs and giant robots and kidnap people with fultons.

    Not to even mention the main story which is beautifully written and drawn.

    Signatures are dumb.


  • MGS 2:

    MGS 4 and 3 were both CLOSE contenders but I got hooked because of the 2nd one.  I got crazy with nostalgia when the HD Collection was announced.

    Revelations 21:6

  • Haven't played Peace Walker or the originals from the MSX but even if i did i'd say the same thing either way and that being that...

    They all played a pivotal part for me:

    MGS 1 just blew me away with its stealth action and incredible story telling when i was introduced to it and it was a major wow factor for me that really got me into games.

    MGS 2 reintroduced me to the series after forgetting about it (yeah i know, Forgetting about MGS?) and well gaming in general but i was just a little kid at the time of MGS 1 but anyhow. Again it was another great experience that left me hungry for more.

    MGS 3 took the wow factor too a whole new level with the bare bones survival mechanics and camouflage system and left me wondering what was next and how would Konami top themselves.

    MGS 4, well what can i say that hasn't been repeated a dozen times other than it's a without a doubt a game for the ages to come and yet again reintroduced me into gaming (just as MGS 1 first introduced me to games) after a brief period of being apart of the metal scene that occurred here in my town.

    They are timeless titles that will bear their own meaning and sentiment in my heart.

  • @ Steve

    I absolutely loved Peace Walker, though it's not my favorite or, in my opinion, the best.  Finding Outer Heaven was still epic.

    Revelations 21:6

  • I would have to say... MGS 3: Snake Eater. It was and still is incredibly fun.

    Peace Walker is my second favorite; it's plot and characters were awesome.

  • I agree. MGS is filled with classics, but Snake Eater nailed the most emotional ending.

    Probably Guns of the Patriots after that, for how they wrapped up so many questions.

    MGS 2 after that.

  • MGS 3 is my favorite. The fight with The End is the reason why.

  • Me too. Such a clever boss. Loved the secret way of just waiting until The End died of old age. What other game lets you do that? (lol) I love how Metal Gear Solid's bosses almost have personalities of their own. I don't think any one of them's ever the same. Kojima comes up with true genius.

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