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A new voice for Snake?

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  • Alright, if you haven't seen the Ground Zeroes trailer yet, get on that ASAP! So awesome.

    Anyways, I saw we had old Big Boss in it and I immediately wondered: who's gonna voice him? To the non super MGS nerds, Hayter said he wouldn't voice elderly snake again, it hurt his voice too much. And, mgs4 fans will note Kojima gave old Big Boss a different voice. Seems like it's logical Kojima will shift roles here.

    What do you think about that? I'm finding I'm surprisingly alright about it. Love Hayter though.

    By the way, trailer was in Japanese so no, it isn't confirmed yet.

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  • Well Big Boss is about 50-70 years old right now, and like Hayter said, he would stress his voice to the point where he will sound more like an old snake. it would seem logical.

  • Well, I wrote this before it was revealed snake wasn't actually that old in the game, so now I'm thinking it's definitely Hayter.

    It's a shame this group is so dead we can't have any kind of timely discussion on what is easilly my most anticipated game coming up.

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  • Hayter IS the voice of Solid Snake, old and young.  Big Boss needs a new voice actor when he's old.  I think the guy that did his voice in MGS 4 would be perfect.

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