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Cole's New Design?

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  • So quite obviously, everyone knows about the new title that will come to grace us in 2011. Even more so, we are sure to have all heard by now the makeover that our main character, Cole McGrath has underwent, and perhaps still is undergoing, as of the most recent issue of GI. As I have not been looking into it, I have heard little of the reaction to this new dramatic change. Some it may not have affected at all, and could care less what the Cole goes about sporting as his physiognomy. However it may have affected others, personally, it affected me greatly. And, unfortunately, it wasn't very positive.

    When I was greeted by the new GI issue on my table when I got the mail, I was baffled. Completely confused. I saw the large print of 'Infamous 2' on the cover, which thrilled me, but the picture of the man was completely mysterious, a complete strange to the familiar protagonist I knew. I was wondering who it was. I grabbed the cover and looked at it more closely. The first thing I blurted was, "Did they make a new character?" Who the heck was this guy, and what did he do with Cole? Ripping open the magazine, I was in horror to discover that that was Cole. I was in complete shock. Looking at the new concept art of him, I honestly was furious and appalled. Why did they do this?

    Now, to get things straight, I do not have anything against refining a character. I understand as programs and technology and graphics progress things need to change and meet the needs of our developing system and society. I am not a nostalgic elitist that believes only the old prevails and the new can never top what was the original. However, I think this shows that there is a fine line between refining a character and completely redesigning and remaking. When you have a character that is familiar to a crowd of people, especially to a large crowd with many fans, I personally believe that taking away the face they know and love is terrible, damaging in such a way that I can no longer familiarize myself with the person I had before. Perhaps none of you think the change is that dramatic, but looking at Cole now I am a bit disgusted. Not because he is unattractive, (I mean, look at him, he practically looks like he could be posing as a male model at this point) but because he is so different from what I've known. He looks like he just lost 10 years. Isn't this supposed to be progressing in the future? His face is reshaped. I don't even recognize him. He grew out his hair. And if that wasn't bad enough, what else? He doesn't even have the same voice.

    After reading that, it tipped it off for me. All I was thinking while reading it was, "At least they have to keep the voice. I guess I can deal with the physical changes." But no. They even cut his voice for another. Honestly I am a bit sickened.

    Personally, it defaced Cole for me entirely. I read the reason, because after this I needed a dang good one, seeing the community as "... less attached to Cole as a character." I want to hear from the community, from you, all of you. Because honestly, I have never heard this once, from anyone who has played the game. I was just dumbfounded, seeing as they were wanting to make Cole, "a more appealing, a more compelling main character." I find Cole completely appealing, completely compelling. No matter which way you play it, this guy is rugged, conflicted, edgy, fierce, daring, rough, loving, a cunning man of the New York streets who adores his future wife. You get to follow a man who's confused, heart-broken, and bombarded with the pressure and tension of saving thousands of people, running from the government, saving himself, balancing a relationship- it's the octopus effect. Having too much to handle at once. Cole is quiet and suave, bent between the goodness of an immortal and the evil of the human heart.I don't know what they're saying about being disconnected from him, because honestly I was very connected with him as a character. Now I know the game isn't nearly finished yet, and I still have yet to see the finished product, but something like this hoenstly made me not want to reserve it like I was going to.

    I want to know what your opinions are on this. What did you first think when you say his new design? Love it? Hate it? Neutral? What are your thoughts on this? I need to know. Perhaps I am overreacting. Or maybe I am not the only one who thinks this. Either way, I'd like to know what the community thinks about this.


  • I like his ice abilities!

  • I don't really like it the voice doesn't really match with the character

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