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Question about experience in the 3rd DLC

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  • So I recently hit the 10 million experience mark on my main character. You hit level 50 around 3 million experience I think. So I was wondering If my hard earned experience will be put back, and I'll have to level all the way up from level 50 to 61 when the DLC comes out. Or will I keep my experience and start at whatever level I should be with my experience? Anyone know?

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  • To answer your question, sort of:

    It seems any experience toward level proficiency sticks around, but if you're well over the level 50 mark (as I was starting the Secret Armory), you'll still only be level 50. Not to worry, though, go in with a good team and nothing should prove TOO difficult. Except maybe Crawmerax. Haven't fought him yet.

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