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Borderlands 2 Discussion Thread

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  • I can't believe we didn't already have one of these, but I went through the forums and didn't see one, so figured I would make one up. 

    So, after a few gameplay videos, trailers, livestreams, and previews, what are you're thoughts/expectations/dissapointments so far? Which character class do you plan on playing as? Is there anything you've seen that really impresses you already, or do you have any doubts about something you have seen or read? General Discussion about all things Borderlands 2.

  • Personally I've seen a few gameplay videos and watched the 2K livestream yesterday from PAX, and everything I've seen has really impressed me. The gameplay looks terrific, the visuals gorgeous, the environments and enemies varied, the menus have been streamlined and made more aesthetically pleasing, the perk system has been vastly improved with its branching nature and less arbitrary stat increase perks, a trade system has been added in for coop, and the weapon design is probably the best ive seen in any video game ever. So far I really cant choose which character I want to play as. Im sort of leaning towards Axton (The soldier) because I played Roland and loved it in borderlands 1, but all the characters seem very well made, so I'm going to have to get in the game and see how each character plays before i decide who will be my main. also, anyone interested in coop, feel free to add me on PSN (SuperKingC77).

  • I would completely agree with all of your comments. I have been watching all of the gameplay videos that have come out thus far, and they all look very impressive. Based on my past experience with Borderlands, I will probably start my game as Axton, and then move on to Zero, the assassin class. Thankfully with this game, even watching all of the different gameplay videos, I have no hesitation to play as any of these characters. With the original Borderlands, I loathe to even complete part of the game with Brick or Lillith, and just started a first playthrough with Mordecai. I took advantage of the pre-order bonuses too, which will make owning this game even better than normal.

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