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DLC Opinions?

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  • Well I know I just bought it and finished the main quest line on it.  Took me right around 2 1/2 hours.  I haven't bothered to touch any of the other quests yet, which is a decent amount.  I'm sure they'll take a decent 2 hours or more.  By the way it was fun.  I think I killed more enemies in that than what I did in the whole normal game.

    Anyway, what is everyone elses opinions?

    Worth the 10$ dollars?

    What do you all hope for in the next DLC?

  • i finished the main quest in about 4hr with doing some side quests  Aand my sniper skill was 28 when i got there now its about 38 so yea enemys abound  but yea i liked it really wish they wuold of added a ice element but what ever all and all its worth about 5-6 dollars to me havent finished it so i cant say if it gains the  last 4 but lets hope

    Its a fools race to be run if all be lost if won

  • Hot crap, this DLC is so good.

    I kept comparing it to Fallout 3 all along the way. Bethesda took a few DLCs to get the formula right, so I was expecting Zombie Island to be decent at best. But it had so many improvements.

    It's only been released a month after the main game came out, but you can tell that they've already taken player feedback to improve the overall experience. There were twice as many missions as I was expecting, there were twice as many new areas as I was expecting, there were twice as many new kinds of enemies with new kinds of tactics as I was expecting (no, not just like re-skinned Ghouls and Radscorpions with an absurd HP boost, but brand new enemies fresh from the oven), and needless to say, my expectations were blown away.

    If this is kept up, DLC might be held to Gearbox's standards rather than Bethesda's or Rockstar's.

  • I want the DLC that continues the story.  Straight up I want to fight the interplanetary ninja assassin CL4P-TP known as...Claptrap.

  • I think they shpuld do one where u go to the guardian aliens home planet, tht would be kool like a borderlands style futuristic city..........

  • Okay, I just downloaded Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot.

    Some of you may find it really fun, but I'm sad to say that I've barely gotten to round two and I'm already bored with it. The gameplay is solid and there are some new rule sets that add twists to the combat (well, if you can call having to shoot bandits twice as much before they die a "twist"), but it's basically the same thing you've been doing for the past thirty or so hours with the main world.

    I've got it on pause right now, and between surfing the Internet or jumping back in... meh.

  • I need to find 3 other people to play with to truly experience Mad Moxxi's, but Zombie Island was great, really helped my shotgun proficiency. Check my blog to see my idea on a backstory for Mordecai. I'll be working on the others soon enough.

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  • Forget what I've said above. The gameplay is not solid at all. The balancing is completely broken. The higher your level, the harder it gets. With my level fifty Mordecai, every enemy I faced was level fifty as well, and I found it entirely impossible. So I jumped down to my level thirty-three Roland and found that, while a bit less hard, I still couldn't make it past the third wave of the first round.

    So I decided to start over from scratch. I made a brand new character solely for the purpose of playing Underdome Riot. I chose Lilith for her phasewalking skill, and after leveling her up to twelve, I took her to the arenas. Of all three of my characters, my inexperienced Siren with crappy weapons lasted the longest before being ended by a cheap gimmick. There's nothing more frustrating than being within sight of round three only to die while trying to catch a second wind.

    There's this mode called Vampire where you'll lose health if you're not attacking people. Screw tactics and cover, you have to run straight towards your death. It tossed me that card during wave four, the elite wave, the worst possible wave to have to abandon tactics against.

    Needless to say, while I absolutely loved Zombie Island, I think Underdome is a piece of broken crap. Definitely the worst ten bucks I've spent since Mothership Zeta.

  • Ziodn is awesomely funny DLC if u play with ur friends ,not scary and looks like l4d there is a zombie-"boomer" and "tank".

    Havent played yet the DLC #2 ,because i havetn found it on torrents.

  • @Batman Prime, do u play on 360, or PS3?

  • I thought the Zombie Island DLC was great, and I loved the new areas and enemies. Gearbox did a great job and (although it wasn't too great) the story actually improved a bit. It was a great addition for their first DLC, and a DLC I would hugely recommend. co-op was still a blast and the side quests added a lot of extra time for me to put in. The challenge was a lot higher when playing with friends, which made it a lot more fun as opposed to being able to roam through Pandora, stomping anything that came in your way.

    As for Madd Moxxi, I was really disappointed in their presentation of the DLC. It sounded like a great idea to me, but it was far from it. It was a horrible decision to buy, and it's a decision I regret. The rounds are impossibly hard unless you hide the whole round and make sure you get kills only when necessary. When playing with a friend, it can be fun, but the problem is that so few people have it. If you fail a round, good luck starting from the beginning OF THE LAST ROUND. The rounds are composed of 5 different waves, so don't expect to clear through the larger tournaments quickly, and don't expect to have much fun while doing it. Even worse, YOU GET NO EXPERIENCE FOR ANY KILLS. So you won't level up, you get no rewards (except for the one quest there, that's actually worth doing and it's not too long), you're destined to fail, and it's not fun. Need I say more?

    As for the General Knoxx DLC, it looks very promising and I expect it will be a great addition to Borderlands. There's a level cap increase, a continuation a on the main story, a good story this time around, new cars (including a tank!), new even rarer weapons, etc. I saw footage and I'm very excited for this, it looks like it will surpass the Zombie Island DLC.


  • Gonna have to agree with Peter on the Mad Moxxi DLC.

    As for Secret Armory, having spent a sizable amount of time with it (and having completed the main questline), I have to say it's the best yet...but not without its faults.

    For all the hooplah about rarer loot, All I have to say is that it wasn't until level 57 or so, well into the main questline, that I was able to find a single gun that improved on what I had already...including the shotgun i'd been using since level 36 or so.

    Most of the new enemy designs are awesome (including a TON of new Lance enemy types), but some are just annoying. The single worst, hands down, is the Drifter. They're the only enemy that I can't consistently kill, and their respawn time is almost instant. They're just the worst.

    In both good and bad news fronts, the area to be explored is HUGE. There is a ton of stuff to do, and this will probably add a good 10 hours or so of playtime. The bad news is, a good deal of that will be spent driving down looooooooooong highways, with enemies few and far between. And no fast-travel ANYWHERE? Sorry, Gearbox, the only word I think for that design choice is STUPID.

    But I'm being too much of a negative nancy. All in all, great fun. Way better than the underdome, even way better than Zombie Island. A must buy for fans.

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  • I haven't gotten Mad Moxxi, but Zombie Island and Knoxx's Armory are well worth it. Both add ons add a lot more game play. I could go into more detail, but if you are a Borderlands fan then I think you already know what to do.

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