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I'm looking for some Co-op buddies

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  • Hello to all you Pandora lovers. I am looking for some people to play online with. I recently got all the DLC and am finding it hard to finish solo. I have a level 54 Siren character and am wanting to finish the game with others.

    My psn id is: Eyes_Alive.

    Send me a friend request if you want to play.


  • Sorry I haven't been able to play with you dude. I thought I would have a lot more time, I just suppose my friends occupied my me more than I thought... .. .

    Also, with the start up of school, I have been outrageously busy. Maybe we could work out a schedule?

    Oh and also, hey, it'd be much easier to play if you had a mic.! If you have a USB mic, or any bluetooth headset used for a phone laying around unused or what not, you can use that for the PS3.

    Also, I freakin' hate how the GI boards are so dead. It's really quite depressing. Maybe it's just the boards I attend...but I swear, for being the most sold game magazine in the country, it'd have more people than this.

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