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Borderlands Fanfic?

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  • So, one day, being a member of deviantArt, I came across the fan fiction story for Borderlands. I come to share this community and shine it's brilliance upon the members here, so that they may bask in its beautiful glory. I would link it directly to the account that wrote it, but I believe that would loose the spirit for first impression. Copy and pasted is the first chapter. The rest is linked. Feel free to comment on this profound piece of literature.


    Borderlands: A Love Story ch.1

    OI nce a tiem there was a beutiful girl named was Murasaki Twilight Ra'ven-Nite Crow Darkness she had beaufiul long hair thart was blak lik the mindight and it was long and had and was and red and sometimes it wqas blue when she was maed and orange on halowune and green when she wanted it too. She was 17 yeartsold and she was rally pale and tall and was a vampure and a witch she knew magic. Her eyes were like awesokme c ollored. therey were red when she was a cvampire which was all the time and gold somethiems too when she was a werefulf(i bet u ddnt no dat!!!!1) she was wearing a blak corsit toop with orange lace and stripels and blak oppera glovs and a tite blak leahter skrit tath had orange lace onjt he frunt and blak and ornage stockings wif da blak comnbats boots with orange heelz and bukoles and she woar lotz of makup and blak eyelinnr cuz she was goffik and had big boobz.

    Murashaki got off da plain to podnora all sexy and wen she got dere claptarp came up and he came up to her and said "welcom 2 fiyreston hotti can i gut you somthng?"

    "no way rappitst" i yelld real giggles with happy. then i kicked over claptapr and walkd away all kool cuz i wuz. Then off in da distnce i saw sum1 who was way over dere and i saw and said and saw some1 but i ddnt know who it wuz. den da person staretd to come over to me!!!
    "hey" he said all sexy. he was really tall and handsum and had a nice tan cuz he was hawt.
    "hey" i replied bakc.
    "wutz yer name?" he said
    "Murasaki Tuwlight Ra;ven-Nite Crow Darnkes. but u can call me murasaki" i said agin
    "my namez bruck i punch thingds" he said with smiles
    it was totaly obciouse that he punchd things cuz he was like really buff. den i laffd and my eyes were all sparking in da sun cuz dey were red. den he sed "wanna come bakc and met some oif my frends?"
    i sed "shur" and we went to meet his frendz.
    wen we got der bricks knockd on da dor and dis relly hott spanican dude cam out and had sed "hola mi amigos. ¿como te chica caliente?"
    "SHUDDUP MORDICAE" yalld brick he was mad. den he pushd mordekai out da way and we walkmd in but der was more poeple there!!!!!

    dis prep b*tch wif big boobz and red hair was on the coch smokign weed and she luukd up at me and was all like "brick whos dat chikc??" and brick said "her nams murakaski and she just got here to pandoca she shoudl stay with uys so she doenst get eatend by skegs or runed over by bantids."

    i blushd and smilled all cute and shy and junk den dis blak guy came ot and he liek stard at me and walkd away i think he was mad abot somthing but i ddnt no wut. mordecia cam up and sad "¿hey wanna vònomos?" and i luukd at him lik he wuz retardid cuz i ddnt no spaish but i sed ok anywae so den he grabbd my pail hand and we sneakd ot da plaec with quiet cuz we were quiet and he was mexican and i was half japanese so i was a ninja too.
    "omg modercai wher r we going???/" i askd angry
    "al lado del cartel" he sed with quiet cuz we were still sneaking
    "wut da *** y cant u speak englush???" i yalld quietly at him
    den mordecai lokd up at me and he said "murassaki i luv u ur pretty" den he tired to kiss me and i wuz mad
    "EW GET DA FOCK OFF ME MOTHR FOCKER!!!" i screamd mad cuz i was mad
    den brick cam out of da place and he was rally mad and he came over 2 modercai and was screaming and punchd him and mordercai fell on da ground and brick kiked him when mordercia was on da ground. tears of blood stated to poor down my pail face and i ran to brcik and i was crying and i huged him and was still criyng too.
    "r u OK?" brick askd worrid abot me
    "i am now" i sed horny and lokd up at hium. da blod made my red eys sparkle even more in da sun. brick smilled atm me an d den he pciked me up an d starting walking sumwhere but i ddnt know where?
    "were r we going??" i askd
    "we r gonna git awai frum dese guys!! u can nevr trust a mexcian lol" bruck sed to me
    "lol" i laugherd cuz i dndt lkie meewcinas.

  • Wow, nice story

  • Turtles All The Way Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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