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The Official Bioshock Aquarium

Even more than two years after its release, BioShock is still worth talking about. What's you favorite moment? How many Big Daddies did you take down without dying? What are you looking forward to the most about BioShock 2? Begin speculating here.

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    What are your hopes for the upcoming Bioshock game for the PS Vita?
  • Forum Post: Bioshock 2's new DLC, Minerva's Den, coming next week!

    The new DLC wasn't due until fall, but a credible source says differently. Next Tuesday (August 31st), Minerva's Den hits Xbox LIVE and Playstation Network. It will cost 800 microsoft points ($9.99). You will take the roll of Subject Sigma- another Alpha Series Big Daddy. There will be 3 new...
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    Yup, pretty self explanatory. Go to and click on BioShock 2 guide, then Secret Endings Info for more. Anyway, u can talk about your shock here.

    I am new to the BioShock series, and I was introduced to it by my friend, LOVED it, and rented it, cause they dont have it in stock for PS3 at my local GameStop. So, I just pre-ordered BioShock 2 from GameStop, and got the 2 multiplayer characters. That brings me back to the point. IS ANY BIOSHOCK LOVER...
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    THE Big Daddy: Rapture's walking tank. These protectors roam the chaos that was the once great city, fearing none of the homicidal lunatics and splicers trying to scavenge a bit of ADAM. They are formidable opponents, and I want to know how you took them out. What strategy worked for you? What combination...
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